Francesca Bianchi Parfums Angel’s Dust

Originally published on on 2 February, 2017

Angel’s Dust by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes (Francesca Bianchi 2106)

“My passion for perfumery was sparked fifteen years ago by a book and a handful of essential oils, gifts from a friend. Since then, I have been studying and experimenting….My perfumes are conceived and handcrafted by me from initial spark to final bottling in my laboratory…’s a passion to which I am compelled to surrender.” -Francesca Bianchi, Perfumer.

Francesca Bianchi Perfumes did not burst upon the fragrance scene towards the end of 2016. Oh no, instead Francesca and her initial offering of 3 Extraits of Parfum strolled in languidly not unlike a cat looking for mischief, and ultimately charmed everyone in her path. Suddenly last Autumn her perfumes started popping up in various fragrance groups on Facebook and private conversations. It was a small groundswell, but the reviews were unanimous in praising the 3 scents and their creator, and just recently Francesca received two awards, one for “Best Perfumer 2016” while her “Dark Side”perfume was named “Best Niche Perfume-2016” both honors courtesy of the # 1 Italian online perfume hub, Adjiumi. It’s kind of a big deal!

Francesca, originally from the Italian Florentine countryside, went on to study Contemporary Art History in Florence, before the requisite travels throughout Europe and Northern Africa, and ultimately settled in Amsterdam where she lives and works currently. Her travels (and that fortuitous gift of an aromatherapy book and oils set) led to her obsession with perfume, and now we are the lucky recipients of her collective experience.

All three scents “Angel’s Dust”, “Sex And The Sea”, and “Dark Side” are sexy, sensuous, and slinky as hell. And gorgeous.

Today we’re looking at Angel’s Dust…..

If your first thought at hearing the name Angel’s Dust is the drug from the 70’s, well all I can say is that Angel’s Dust perfume is a drug of a sort, a PERFUMED drug. This is a swoon-worthy scent that I suspect will happily have you addicted in no time. Ms. Bianchi describes the name Angel’s Dust as “…(it) conveys the idea of innocence and corruption – a lethal seductive mixture.”

Exactly. This is the perfume that belongs in the boudoir of the demimondaine. It’s the olfactive equivalent of writings by Colette or Anaïs Nin. A dark bedroom with rumpled silk sheets, lace negligee hanging carelessly on the bedpost, a round-mirrored vanity topped with well-used lipstick, dusting powder spilling out around a forgotten feather powder puff, a smear of fragrant rouge on a glass-topped surface. Bottles of perfume. Used. Sexed. Sated. Yet for all its sexy boudoir vibe, Angel’s Dust Extrait never veers into candy-floss sweetness. It is solidly unisex.

The fragrance features black pepper, rose, mimosa, iris, musk, sandalwood, tolu balsam, benzoin and vanilla.

Upon first application of Angel’s Dust I was thrilled that there was a chair nearby. There are less than 5 perfumes that have set my head spinning at first whiff, and Angel’s Dust is one of them. I must confess that I spent the day walking around in a stunning fog of scent.

Opening with a mixed haze of dry iris and milky/powdery mimosa, a slight whiff of something naughty and feral very quickly makes itself known, but always subtle, ever so subtle.

This first impression of powdery, sexy iris/mimosa is spiced up with a dash of pepper, and linearly stays this way throughout the drydown. The scent of an almost virginal rose appears after about an hour, followed by the bordello-like musk and smooth woodiness of the sandalwood and tolu balsam, and there it stays, a very good thing indeed. I applied a few sprays before dinner, and woke up the next morning to the faint gorgeous aroma of benzoin mixed with a soft vanilla, the perfect way to greet a new day.

Francesca Bianchi Perfumes are available at stores in The Netherlands, Italy, and the UAE, and through her website

The samples of Francesca Bianchi Perfumes were purchased by me, and the opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Contributor

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