House Of Cherry Bomb Immortal Mine (2016)

Photos courtesy of House Of Cherry Bomb


Originally published on 13 November, 2016

Immortal Mine II by House Of Cherry Bomb, Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl (2016)

At the end of a week rife with high emotions it is great news to hear that House Of Cherry Bomb is giving us an early holiday gift with their brand new perfume Immortal Mine II.

But first a shout out to two very special people. I really am the luckiest fraghead on the planet! When Michelyn contacted me about writing a guest column for CaFleureBon it caught me by surprise to say the least. Many thanks to both Michelyn Camen of CaFleureBon and Portia Turbocharge of Australian Perfume Junkies, two of my all time favorite perfume blogs, for allowing me to write for them. Honestly how much better can my life get?

So on to perfume…..

I am so happy to be telling you about this very newest, hot off the perfume organ, ultimate lovegasm scent from House of Cherry Bomb (HOCB) in Brooklyn.

House Of Cherry Bomb (hereafter HOCB), and HOCB Killer Perfume, their spin-off company are the well regarded lovechildren of two amazing perfumers, Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl.

HOCB is of those great indie brands that always gets lots of buzz in the perfume community and rightly so. Their range of scents is young and snappy, full of unusual, compelling combinations, and If you haven’t explored the range please do so right now. Personally I would highly recommend the Cardamom Rose and the Tobacco Cognac, two of my favorites.

And now just in time for the holidays we get this lovely gem of a scent. I kind of expected that Immortal Mine II would be an easy love for me, perfumer Maria McElroy had created TWO of my top ten perfumes of all time. Her company, Aroma M is responsible for the gorgeous Camellia Extrait, based on her best-selling oil of the same name, and most recently last year’s Voluptuous Nostalgia for which my back-up has its own back-up. It’s just THAT good! Teamed up with Alexis Karl of Scents By Alexis Immortal Mine II is “killer perfume” at its finest.

Immortal Mine II is a continuation or rather a “reawakening” of the original Immortal Mine perfume created by Scents By Alexis in 2012. This is NOT a reformulation but rather a riff of an already glorious scent. As described by Maria and Alexis “Immortal Mine II is “In its new form, this all natural fragrance entwines the mystery of dark, vintage ouds and million year old amber resins, with that of stunning Moroccan henna flower, drops of precious beeswax absolute, and tobacco flower. A shadow of ambergris, labdanum and chypre are touched with traces of delicate lily of the valley and Madagascar vanilla.”

Honestly, Immortal Mine II is so very well blended that I am hard pressed to pick out individual notes. As Aristotle said..”The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” What I get is a stunning Amber-centric perfume of the first degree, warm and enveloping, dark, sexy and profoundly mysterious.

The difference between the oil and the edp is as you might expect. The oil is more of a personal experience, a skinscent that is perfect for the boudoir, the “happy ending” if you will, and the edp, initially more sparkling and with better throw, is what to wear BEFORE you get to the bedroom, in other words perfume foreplay. Both carry the same vintage, glamorous vibe. So the big question is which one to purchase? For my money that’s easy!

Buy them both. You’re welcome.

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