Aroma M. Perfumes Camellia edp (2014)

IMG_3382Originally published on 27 April, 2016

Camellia Perfume by Maria McElroy for Aroma M perfumes 2014

“I can just hear my General now. “Why Hatsumomo. You used to smell of jasmine… What’s this new perfume…?” – Memoirs Of A Geisha 1999

When Aroma M, already a well established perfume line, introduced Camellia Face Oil and Hair Oil, a true icon of modern niche perfumery was born. Quickly becoming the favorite of chi chi clients worldwide and after many requests, perfumer Maria McElroy released the Extrait (Perfume) in 2014 and I for one could not be happier!

Having already fallen head-over-heels for her new limited edition “Voluptuous Nostalgia” (totally full-bottle worthy. Or two.), when I spotted the Camellia Perfume in LA’s Scent Bar/ Luckyscent a few weeks ago, all it took was one dab and BOOM!

Take my money…PLEASE!!

Fragrantica lists these notes: jasmine, gardenia, neroli, geranium and rose, and frankincense, all wrapped around the heart of precious camellia.

A white floral contemporary masterpiece with a whopping 30% fragrance to oil ratio, Camellia Perfume opens on my skin with a huge blast of creamy jasmine, gardenia, and neroli, indolic but not overwhelming and absolutely gorgeous! But Camellia is the diva here, and makes a sweeping entrance within 10 minutes, fresh yet a bit dusty, with a scent like no other.

When I was a kid growing up north of San Francisco, my mother planted Camellia bushes wherever she could find a patch of dirt. Now to be honest, I don’t have a scent memory of those gorgeous blooms, all I remember is getting a nose-full of tiny ants which love the flowers, when I went to sniff them on the bush. Pink, white, variegated, we had them all and there was always a shallow dish of water somewhere in the house full of the placid floating flowers.

If I had known they would smell like this, I would’ve paid better attention!

There’s geranium in there as well, never overshadowing the Camellia, with all the notes resting and supported by a soft base of frankincense. Like I said, gorgeous! Slightly reminiscent of the very BEST of the Chanel and Guerlain florals that seem to have somehow merged to produce a love-child…a softer yet potent and beautifully blended white floral.
THE white floral.
Yup. It’s THAT good. But that shouldn’t be a surprise to you given Maria’s other creations in the Geisha line. Trust me, you want this one. I’ll just say in advance, you’re welcome.

And it lasts and lasts, which is some-kind-of-wonderful for an all natural perfume.

Oh….and I should mention that it passed the ultimate spouse litmus test… “Wow, what is that? You smell amazing!”

Amazing indeed.

Do you have a favorite Aroma M scent? If so which one?

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