En Voyage Perfumes Lorelei, 2012

16 October, 2016

Lorelei edp by En Voyage Perfumes

I was nosing around Shelly Waddingtons, new (gorgeous!) website a few weeks ago, and came across a perfume I had never heard of from 2012. I googled it, read some reviews (all glowing by the way) but the thing that struck me was the phrase “….aquatic floral with no aquatic notes…”. Seriously? What’s THAT about??

Well faster than you can say FridaFioreZeldaAlice, I pushed that ol’ paypal button, and BOOM! It was in my hot little hands.

Lorelei, is a Germanic myth AND a specific location and is described thus:

“According to German legend, there was once a beautiful young maiden, named Lorelei, who threw herself headlong into the river in despair over a faithless lover. Upon her death she was transformed into a siren and could from that time on be heard singing on a rock along the Rhine River, near St. Goar. Her hypnotic music lured sailors to their death. The legend is based on an echoing rock with that name near Sankt Goarshausen, Germany.”

Lorelei the scent, as conceptualized by perfumer Shelly Waddington is in fact a stunning EDT that truly is best described as an aquatic floral with no aquatic notes, and yet….and yet……

It has this amazing water vibe to it. It smells cold and clear and beautiful, exactly like a river you would jump headlong into.

The notes listed are as follows…Head NOTES: Fresh Green Notes HEART NOTES: Lilac, Wisteria, Violet, Jonquil, Daffodil, Lily BASE NOTES: Sheer Musk

It opens green and light, a breeze redolent of photorealistic wisteria hanging over a cold meandering river on a beautiful Spring day. Flowers grow along the banks, and there’s a metallic/stone-like vibe that brings to my mind the smooth purified river rocks lying just beneath the water.

Since I’m not that good at picking out individual notes (I tend to process scent based on my olfactif visceral feeling) I will say the lilac stands out for me, I love lilac especially when it’s depicted so beautifully. The musk in the drydown is never obtrusive, but blends splendidly with the florals resulting in a scent that is a true joy to wear!

Lorelei flies under the radar and doesn’t seem to get a lot of love on the various forums, and it deserves to!

This one’s a keeper!

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