4160Tuesdays Centrepiece Extrait (2014)


“Centrepiece” by 4160Tuesdays. LOTS of it.

It was a Monday to remember.

Late getting up and had to rush to a Doctor’s appt. running out the door, but stop to grab my decant (thank you Lillian Betts Holloway!) of the new Centrepiece by 4160Tuesdays perfumer Sarah McCartney.

OK. I get it.

I was rushing so of course I tragically spill the the WHOLE decant all over my arm and clothes!

Well shit! No time to wash, so out the door I go and I smell FREAKING amazing!!! Holy cow, this is some GREAT stuff!

Now usually I don’t wear any scent for a medical appt. of any kind. Clinics get fussy if you do. So I thought “well…it is what it is.” So off I go.

I stop at my Cafe to check in and all I hear is “Oh my god is that YOU? You smell incredible!!” Ok. This is good.

I walk into the clinic and it’s the same thing. From every single receptionist, nurse, blood draw technician, and finally my beloved doctor, and he has a COLD for god’s sake!

So the moral of this story? Who the hell knows.

All I know is I do is that this ‘fume indeed smell amazing!!!

PS……..4160Tuesdays also has an extrait strength for sale on their website, and that’s the one I ultimately purchased! All I can say is…..”Um…..well dip me in honey and color me joyous!”

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