Bruno Fazzolari Jimmy (2013)

Originally published on 14 August, 2016

Hey there frag friends! Robert H. here loving the warm weather and rocking….

Jimmy by Bruno Fazzolari Editions (2013).

Hailing from my hometown of San Francisco, award-winning Indie perfumer Bruno Fazzolari creates gorgeous perfumes often built around a work of art created by, who else…Bruno Fazzolari! Here is how he describes his range…..

“Idiosyncratic and uncanny scents that merge classic and contemporary styles of perfumery. Some were created for exhibitions, others draw inspiration from poets, composers, and film.

Each scent is offered as a boxed artist’s edition and includes an image reference card that connects the perfume with its visual counterpart.”

Fazzolari has created some now-iconic scents including Lampblack (2013), Seyrig (2015), and this years collaboration with Bogue Profumo’s Antonio Gardoni; Cadavre Exquise (2016)

Jimmy is best described as fresh flowers and daylight: violets and roses with a base of moss and ambergris, enlivened with a hint of spice. Essentially a really stunning floral built around Ylang Ylang, Rose Otto, Geranium, Violet Leaf, Heliotrope, Sandalwood, and is named after Pulitzer prize winning American poet James Schuyler, who among many other things was quite passionate about flowers, and all things garden-related.

It wears like a dream, perfect for warm sunny days, and those cool winter days when you need a blast of Spring!

Jimmy is one of those every-minute-huff-worthy scents, you know the kind. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you are COMPELLED to keep your wrist glued to your nose. The scent you MUST buy a full bottle of within 20 minutes of first application. And then a back-up bottle. Or two. It’s just that pleasing and ubër-gorgeous. Yup. THAT’S the one.
(And if you can find it, snag a bottle of his annual limited edition Au Dela-Narcisse Des Montagnes. It’s rarer than hen’s teeth and worth every penny!) Have you tried any of the Fazzolari line? What are your favorites?

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