Dame Perfume Gardenia Soliflore (2015)


Originally published on http://www.australianperfumejunkies.com 4 December, 2015

Hello Fragrant Friends!

SOTD: Gardenia Soliflore by Dame Perfumery (2015)

-“What’s the matter? You don’t like Gardenias?”
-“They’re o.k”
-“So you don’t put them on just to…..go to someone’s apartment….for a late-night supper…”
-“So that’s how it is?”
-“That’s how it is.”

Lady Sings The Blues- Warner Brothers 1972

…..and after that first meeting, Billie Holiday wore gardenias for almost every performance for the rest of her life. It became her personal symbol, a flower that like her life blooms for a short while intoxicating everyone who catches the scent, and then once picked droops and dies.

True gardenia is a scent that has been difficult for perfumers to capture, and I have any number of various bottles to prove that point….but THIS Gardenia by perfumer Jeffrey Dame is honestly the most photo-realistic gardenia it has ever been my pleasure to wear!

This is not your hot house gardenia, nor the one from the florist’s cooler, ubiquitous accoutrement for so many Prom corsages.

This is a flower blooming in a garden, in it’s natural environment, opening cool and green, medicinal, slightly indolic, but quickly settling down to……REAL Gardenia.

Even my spouse an avowed perfume allergen magnet turned to me yesterday and asked “Hey..did someone give us a potted Gardenia? Again? To kill?” (We don’t have the best of luck with gardenia plants…!”

I stuck my wrist in front of his nose, he inhaled and smiled and just said “Wow!”

Wow indeed!

Have you tried the Dame Gardenia or any others from Dame Perfumery? What was your favorite?

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