Ava Luxe Green Tara (2011)

Green Tara by Ava Luxe (2011)

First off, I need to thank my Facebook Fragrance friend Audrey Centola Patchett for re-introducing me to the Ava Luxe perfumes, a line that has sadly fallen off my radar in the past few years.

With all the new/must have/cannot-live-without/dear-god-where-can-I-get-a-decant gazillion perfume releases these days, my Scent ADHD clicks into overdrive, and much gets shuffled to the back burner. Which in the case of Ava Luxe, is really too bad because perfumer/owner Serena Ava Franco makes some truly wonderful scents.

So I was thrilled to see a small bottle of Ava Luxe Green Tara Perfume Oil tucked into a box of goodies lately, and damn this is a fine thing to wear and sniff!

Notes include: Sandalwood, oud, vetiver, patchouli, amber, labdanum, Siam benzoin, moroccan rose, rose, musk, lavender, olibanum, lemongrass, Italian lemon, bergamot, geranium and Sichuan pepper.

Yup, oud. You read that right, the recent darling of the scent community, the note that many (myself included) love to hate. That is until it’s done right, and Green Tara has done it right. In spades.

The perfume was created to honor the Tibetan Buddhist goddess Tara who represents kindness, compassion, and liberty and in her “green” aspect, for meditation, creativity, and enlightenment. (Ava Luxe also has a version called Red Tara, a gorgeous iris/woody scent.)

And it is indeed a beautiful, meditative and dare I say, enlightening green scent.

Opening on my skin with a huge patchouli and oud presence, this blast quickly dissipates to reveal a chocolate facet of the oud which is what saves it for me, and actually pushes it into the “instant love” category. It’s so damned interesting and at this point my nose is quite frankly glued to my wrist. Fairly quickly the floral aspects come into play creating a gorgeous and somewhat powdery feeling, all the while supported by a really great and creamy sandalwood and citrus vibe with a touch of incense.

This perfume oil lasts and lasts. I’ve taken to applying a few smears right before bed, and as an oil that hovers as a skin scent I am assured of NOT driving spouse out of bed with a sneezing fit. All night long when I shift my body to a new sleeping position, I get a waft of this gorgeous scent, and that makes for some very sweet dreams indeed!

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