A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes Pan’s Flute (2017)

Originally published on http://www.Cafleurebon.com    25 March, 2017

New Natural Perfume Review: A Wing & a Prayer Perfumes Pans Flute (Jane Cate 2017)

“Silent stand the forest and the wooded height,
Silent are the small streams dripping down the rock,
Hushed are the busy murmur of the noonday bright,
Hushed the mingled bleating of the wandering flock.
Pan himself makes music on the pipe he loves,
See his soft lips gliding o’er the close-ranked reeds!
Nymphs that range the mountains,
Nymphs that haunt the groves,
Weave the dance around him in the grassy meads.”

-Attributed to Plato (4th century B.C.E.)

The Greek god Pan is widely considered to be the original “Good-time Goat Guy” within the pantheon of the Mount Olympus gods. This party animal god was a half human and half goat hybrid who embodied the spirit of the wild places, forests and woodlands, and ecstatic music and dance, shepherds and their flocks. Pan is a feral god, never meant to be domesticated and a bit of a conundrum, being the most uncivilized god in a civilized world. He is not a god of love, but rather a god of sex and lust, loving wine and music and using both to create a frenzy (PAN-ic) amongst his followers. The music that floated from the reed pipes held to his lips was said to entrance women and men alike (think PAN-sexual), remove inhibitions and ultimately lead his followers to make love in nature, often under the light of the moon, and often all night long until the break of dawn.

Perfumer Jane Cate has racked up quite a few awards since opening A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes in 2008 including from Cafleurebon: Rising Star award (2011), Best Fragrance Wild Rose (2011), Best Fragrance Epione (2011), Best Fragrance Haight & Ashbury (2011), Best Fall Fragrance Autumn Breeze (2012), the 2015 Silver Award for best packaging, Taste TV Fragrance Salon, and the 2015 Gold Award for Summer Afternoon Perfume from the Coeur d’Espirt Natural Perfume competition.

The new perfume Pan’s Flute edp is based on a morning walk through the woods at California’s Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in the country and for many generations considered California’s four season playground. The woods around Tahoe are filled with summer wildflowers, tall grass meadows, and conifers of every shape and size.

Pan’s Flute captures the scent of a summer woodland walk near the lake. Opening with a breezy, airy lavender set amongst a feeling of warm greenery from the violet leaf, it moves quickly into a glorious floral heart of geranium, rose, and heliotrope, all the while encompassed by strong base of fir, amber, and other woods. It brings to mind the scent of warm freshly washed sheets hanging on a line to dry in the sun, and long, lazy, warm weekends that were all about sleeping in, getting tan, and swimming in ice cold cerulean lakes, so clear and still you could look down into the enchanted depths forever. A scent as light and delightful as a merengue, or the soft melodic notes emanating from the reeds of a pan pipe.

Notes: violet leaf, lavender absolute, lavender tincture, rose, geranium, linden blossom, mimosa, bergamot, heliotrope, amber, fir absolute

Disclosure: Many thanks to A Wing & A Prayer for the sample and my opinions are mine alone.
-Robert Herrmann, Contributor
Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes and Jane Cate, we have a 7.5 ml. spray of Pan’s Flute Perfume for a registered reader in the USA. Please be sure to register with Cafleurebon if you have not done so. You must be registered and you must use your user name or your entry is invalid. To be eligible please let us know if you’ve ever tried any of Jane Cates perfumes, if you have a favorite, and where you live.

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