4160Tuesdays Raw Silk & Red Roses (2015)

Raw Silk & Red Roses by 4160Tuesdays. Sarah McCartney (2015)

Not quite sure how this one slipped past me, being the 4160 FanMan that I am! (Just fyi…at this age fanBOY is simply not believable.) But thanks to my FB pal Karen Hatch I am wallowing in this most perfect red rose/patch/musky/ fruity concoction. I’ll say it again. Most perfect! But then I have yet to meet a 4160Tuesdays scent that I don’t pretty much love.
On my skin it manifests loads of sweet smoke and leather mixed with a naughty rose, although neither show up in the note list: Plum, peach, patchouli, musk, geranium and rose. Regardless, whatever is in the damned stuff is making my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure!
That’s all.

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