Cartier Baiser Du Dragon Extrait (2003)

Cartier Baiser Du Dragon Extrait. Alberto Morillas (2003)

My very first perfume swap on Facebook Fragrance Friends was with Joseph Sagona (TheScentedApprentice) and it was for a bottle of Baiser edp that I had ended up liking but not loving.

Then last October at the Portland Sniffa 2016, another FB friend Jon who I had done business with before (AAA+ btw….) asked if I would be interested in the pure extrait for a swap. Well, every time I hear that magic word “Extrait” my ears perk up, and I seem to start vibrating with excitement. So essentially HELL TO THE YESSSS!!!!!”

And boy howdy am I glad I did! This parfum extrait is everything I wanted the edp to be!

Notes include:
Top: bitter almond, neroli, orange and gardenia.
Middle:Cedar and musk.
Base: vetiver, patchouli and benzoin resin.

A floral/gourmand “vetiver chypre”, Baiser Du Dragon checks all my boxes for what I think of as an Oriental style perfume. Spicy and resinous, smokey and floral, yup it’s all there.

And gorgeous. And I love it.

Only one problem…It’s confusing if you’re looking for it on ebay. All the bottles for the edt, edp, and parfum look exactly the same, so many sellers just use whatever stock Cartier photo they can find, so you have to check carefully. The edp is often listed as “parfum”, but the tell is that the pure parfum/extrait is the ONLY version sold as a 30ml. The others are standard 50’s or 100’s. Just good to know.

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