“Come To Me” edp by Esscentual Alchemy, 2011

b999c3af-5529-464f-936e-f955304bb006“Come To Me” edp by Esscentual Alchemy, 2011

Having won the gold medal (best artisan perfume) for the last years 2016 Taste Awards, I thought it would be a great time to introduce you to another wonderful scent from Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy. Amanda who is the talent and nose behind the two marvelous Helena perfume oils for the Traveling Unguentarium Project, has created what she calls a “Love Potion” inspired by both the Song Of Solomon and an obscure love poem penned by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Frankenstein).

This is the ultimate “come hither” scent, the perfume that starts the whole process. This is the scent that wafts and glides off your skin as you’re rushing home after a romantic dinner, and you can’t get there fast enough so you can rip off your clothes.This is not SEX in a bottle, this is ANTICIPATION in a bottle. And it is flat-out stunning, a finely-tuned Floriental that opens with a sparkling blast of camphorous aldehyde-like jasmine and ambergris, then morphs into just a tiny bit of skank, before settling down into a truly spectacular floral with hits of vanilla, ylang, gardenia and so much more.

Oh yeah, baby!
Here are the notes….read them and weep….

Damask rose, Sambac jasmine, bergamot, dark patchouli, ambergris, cinnamon, Ylang ylang, vanilla bean tincture, neroli, gardenia enfleurage, tuberose, spikenard, myrrh, camphor, Himalayan cedar, fir, frankincense.

For more info on the Unguetarium Project:


Have you tried Amanda’s work? What’s your ultimate “come hither” perfume?

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