Le Bienaime Cha-Cha Chanel (2015)

“Cha Cha Chanel” by Le Bienaime Perfumes. (2015)


Imagine a nightmare disaster like this…..

You’re dusting or cleaning your perfume collection, specifically the Chanel bottles, when suddenly an earthquake hits and all the Chanel bottles get thrown onto the floor and shatter into a million pieces. You manage to pick up all the shards of glass, but are left with a puddle of what is essentially a Chanel soup of all the fragrances left on the floor. You mop them up with a dish towel, and this mixture smells so compelling, so intoxicating that it brings to mind what must be THE perfect Chanel scent.

This is what Le Bienaime Perfumes is all about. The ultimate upcycling/recycling perfume company. Buy or find old bottles of perfume that have been discarded or sent to the thrift store, and repurpose the scent into something brand new, something with the exact DNA of the original perfume, but amped up about a hundred times. Sounds strange, right? And yet it works. It works VERY VERY well!
Cha-Cha Chanel is another beauty from the “house of up-cycle” this time utilizing repurposed Chanel perfume, and LOTS of it… The list of “notes” goes something like this:

1932, Allure Sensuelle/ Allure/ Biege/ Bois Des Iles/ Chance Eau Tendress/ Coco/ Coco Noir, Misia/ Sycomore.

Given my love of Chanel and the fact that this contains three of my all time favorites, this was a no-brainer for me……

The very first time I was in Paris, I must’ve been about 8 years old. The old-style “Pissoirs” were still on the streets, both fascinating and “eeewwww” to an 8 year old. Also my brothers and I discovered a 7-Up like soda called “Pssssht” the name supposedly meant to replicate the fizzy sound of opening the bottle cap. The name alone reduced us to gales of laughter, constantly forcing our Dad to tell us to “zip it!” Or whatever the equivalent in Czech was.

Also on that trip my mother and I went to the Chanel flagship store. Just the two of us..(My brothers and Dad were elsewhere, I think Mom knew something about me before I did). I remember walking in, wide-eyed with my jaw dropped at seeing a proper French boutique for the very first time….J. Magnin’s back home in San Francisco had NOTHING like this, at least as far as I knew. Maybe Gump’s but that’s a story for another time.

Stepping into the Chanel boutique, I remember a carpeted wonderland where silence was golden, but for the soft murmurs’ from the perfectly dressed Sales Associates. Mom was there for perfume, and being a die-hard Patou fan (Joy and 1000), wanted to see what all the fuss was about surrounding Chanel perfumes. From the source.

What I remember best was the smell, the melange of all those perfumes mixing together to create a scent that even as a child, almost made me swoon, and smelled like money. And class. This was years before BCBG (bien chic bon genre) became a common acronym.

So back to Cha Cha Chanel…… How do I describe this melange of various Chanel scents that takes me right back to that moment in the boutique. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful perfume with all the various scents creating something new, but VERY Chanel! The unmistakable Heart and soul of Chanel .

But enough reminiscing for now, i have to get back to huffing my wrist. I just can’t stop myself, it’s that good!

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