Amouage Opus X (2016)

Amouage Opus X from the Library Collection, by Christopher Chong and perfumers Pierre Negrin and Annick Menardo (2016)
Inspired by the movie “The Red Violin” Amouage Opus X is the latest (and rumor has it possibly the last) entry into the Library Collection by perfume master Christopher Chong.

If you haven’t seen “The Red Violin” yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. One of my favorite films, it is a multi-faceted, dark and brooding tale of obsession, love and music. Beautifully conceived and compelling, not unlike this perfume Opus X.

Notes include:

Top notes: may rose, red rose and rose.
Middle: geranium, leather and varnish accord.
Base: metallic notes, laotian oud, ylang-ylang and ambrarome.


This perfume opens with a huge blast of rose, rose, and MORE rose, all of it from the roots and stems, to the thorns and blooms. I never did pick up the varnish/metallic vibe that so many people smell, which is disappointing to me ’cause I love the smell of varnish, and really went looking for it. It’s also SO integral to the plot of the movie, but no matter because this is a rose that is all business.


As a confirmed charter member of the “Society of Rose Ho’s International”, a new rose scent brings me no small amount of pleasure, and on the rose-front Opus X certainly doesn’t let me down. Regardless of the missing varnish/metal notes to my nose, this is a damned fine rose! Not in the slightest “jeunesse”, or High school girly, this is a grown up rose along the lines of Lyric, another rose-centric perfume by Amouage. Deep, dark, complex, and many-layered, this is a true rose or rather the dream or fantasy of a rose.

So if you’re a rose lover…….



(😁Follow-up comment from Christopher Chong….)

“Great review Robert! I normally stay away from commenting on social media. If we ever meet one day I will make sure you get the varnish accord! LOL. By the way, OPUS X is NOT the final fragrance in The Library Collection. I’m just taking a break from this collection in order to spend time to develop the other collections. The Library Collection will resurrect in a couple of years.”

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