En Voyage Perfumes: 3 To Wear Right Now (Shelly Waddington)


Top: Shelly and Robert.

Bottom: Shelly at 1/2 of her perfumers organ. Photos by Robert Herrmann.


The Three En Voyage Perfumes You Should Be Wearing…….

(Originally published on http://www.cafleurebon.com  23 April, 2017)


One of the stalwarts of the West Coast Indie Perfume community, Shelley Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes has been pushing boundaries and winning awards since opening her studio in Carmel California in 2010.

As many perfumistas know, Shelley tells fantastical tales and vivid story lines through her scents, they change, grow, and morph throughout the wearing; defying any sense of linearity, and that makes her perfumes intriguing, cunning, often abstract, and frankly outright fantastic!

Zelda edp, Rainmaker edp, Fiore di Bellagio edp, Frida edp, Makeda edp, the Souvenir De Chocolate Collection, and Civet for Zoologist, and most recently Figa for Cafleurebon’s Talisman project, these are the perfumes that can be found in many collections, and I for one, love them all. For this article I’m focusing on three of my other favorites from Shelley’s vault, award winners all, and each and every one worth discovering! So If you haven’t tried these three, they will prove to be a perfect accompaniment to the warmer weather days and nights ahead…..
Go Ask Alice edp (2011)

“I wanted to compose a perfume that would define and contemporize the 1967 Summer of Love, a time when young Americans protested the Vietnam War, sold flowers, smoked pot, and trailed clouds of patchouli…”
-Shelley Waddington.
I’ve written before about having grown up in San Francisco in, and the associated scents of that magical City By The Bay, and yes in the late 60’s this is pretty what it smelled like., Sandalwood incense burning, the green grass in Golden Gate Park, the other grass (cannibis) whose feral and, funky scent was like a grey haze hanging over parts of the city, and of course patchouli, woody and earthy. Patchouli can be a difficult note for many people, myself included, but In Shelley’s creative hands this a patchouli that’s mellowed with time and all grown up. This Patch is as soft and smooth as a pair of well worn fringed knee-high buckskin boots. Gorgeous, and perfect for wearing to Coachella, Bumbershoot, Burning Man or anywhere else you plan to dance and frolic to your hearts content.

Notes: California Orange Peel, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Orange Flower laced with Raspberry and Strawberry, Patchouli Leaf tincture, Mimosa, Rose Absolute, vintage Patchouli Sumatra, Sandalwood, Cocoa, Vanille, Tonka, Labdanum, Balsam, Ambergris.

A Study In Water edp (2013)
“A Study in Water was inspired by the element of fresh water. My goal in making this incredibly sheer, wet, and innocent fragrance was to retain the elegance, longevity and sillage of the most excellent of classic perfumes.”
– Shelley Waddington

The beauty of “A Study In Water” never stops unfolding. Like a slow moving, languid stream on a warm summers day, this stunning edp actually does smell like sun-dappled water, a touch mineral and cold, slightly sweet and extraordinarily refreshing as only fresh water can feel. This will calm and energize at the same time, a slight wet scent of forest surrounded by blooming wildflowers. In the same way a cat stretches in the sunlight through a window, this perfume feels like the definition of cool sensuality and not unlike Marilyn Monroe, it’s the perfect scent for wearing to bed when you’re wearing nothing else.Positively bewitching.

Notes: Muguet, Lime, Green Apple, Bergamot, Dew, Floral Waters, Green Leaves, Orange Blossoms, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Cabreuva, Water Notes, Musk
Lorelei edp

“Lorelei is unusual in the sense that it isn’t aldehydic like many other “aquatic” fragrances, and yet it’s almost incorporeal in its sheerness while still providing a distinctive character that is bright and not overbearingly floral”
– Shelley Waddington

An aquatic floral, Lorelei edp is as misty and haunting as the Lorelei of Germanic legend, a young maiden who, brokenhearted, plunged into a river and became a siren whose enchanted voice enticed men to their watery grave.

Lorelei is a paen to the beauty of purple florals, and the lilac, wisteria, and violet are center stage but tempered by the aquatic and sheer springlike feel. If you shy away from purple florals you might want to try this one which is proof positive that when something is done right, it can be miles above the rest. The combination of the florals with the dreamy aquatic and fresh green notes is a siren song that will engage your senses and capture you in its rapturous embrace.

Notes: Fresh Green Notes, Lilac, Wisteria, Violet, Jonquil, Daffodil, Lily, Musk

Disclaimer: the perfumes and opinions are my own.

-Robert Herrmann, Sr. Contributor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief.

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