Two Perfumes By Kyse (Terri Bozzo) 2016/2017



Originally published on, 20 May 2017

New Perfume Review: Kyse Perfumes Terreno Dolce and Bois de Santal et Terre (Terri Bozzo) 2017+ All-Weather Gourmand Fragrance Draw

May 20, 2017

Terri Bozzo (the 120th American perfumer featured in CaFleureBon Profiles in American Perfumery series) initially burst onto the indie perfume scene four years ago on Facebook with a fantastic gourmand called Sucre Et Fleurs and people took notice. Her small California home-based company, (then called Perfumes by Terri) became an instant hit with an almost cult-like status. After the debut and success of Sucre Et Fleurs in 2014, new scents with a gourmand flair followed and Terri rebranded her perfumes as Kyse Perfumes (Kyse, pronounced like “rice” is a combination of her two sons names, Kyle and Sean). Terri’s new Eau De Parfums for 2017 are definitely worth exploring. There are two scents in the line that I find particularly noteworthy and well-suited during the crazy weather that has half the country melting under a heatwave while the rest of us are still reaching for our sweaters are woody and fresh, with Terri’s signature gourmand vibe that will work well whatever the temperature may be.

Terreno Dolce (Sweet earth) is best described as a woody gourmand chypre. Terreno Dolce was the first Kyse Perfumes I tried, and has olfactive picnic of the senses written all over it! Opening with a blast of fresh cedar overlaid by brown sugar, the scent brings to mind cedar planks used for grilling, the vetiver and moss notes keep it earthy and grounded while the brown sugar sweetens, enhances, and delights! This combination of fresh woody and earthy scents mixed with sweet might seem odd to you at first but it works exceedingly well. This is indeed a sweet earth scent, and one that you would reach for often. The perfect descriptor would be “addictive”. Notes: Vetiver, earthy notes, oakmoss, immortelle, woody notes and brown sugar

Bois de Santal et Terre (Sandalwood and Earth) is the most contemplative of the perfumes, the crystal clear bright day right after the storm. It is quiet and haunting, and allows you to slow down the endless machinations of a busy mind and be totally present. Yes it has its gourmand facets, but it is the sandalwood and wheat that bring shimmering beauty and grace to this scent. I wore it right before bedtime, and it seriously helped to put me in the zone, allowing for a deep and restful night’s sleep. The boletus (mushroom) and earthy notes keep it well-grounded with an extraordinary feeling of zen meditation. It is the sigh of relief and most inward-seeking of the two, more of a skin-scent, but one that you will be happy to keep to yourself and those who you want to be close to. Notes: Sandalwood, cedar, wheat, boletus edulis, cacao and earthy notes.

Many Thanks to Kyse Perfumes for the samples. Opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Sr. Contributor

–Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief who lives in NYC where it was 90 degrees yesterday and 60 degrees today.

Thanks to Kyse Perfumes we have a draw for a registered reader in the USA or Canada for a 30ml bottle of your choice Bois de Santal et Terre OR Terreno Dolce Please be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Robert’s reviews, which you would choose should you win, if you enjoy perfumes with a gourmand vibe, and where you live. Draw closes 5/23/2017

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