Look what I found…..


The biggest surprise out of an auction “lot” I bought the othe day, is this bottle! (Marked #2)

At first I thought it might be a second smaller Prince Matchiabelli, but it turns out to be a vintage Canadian company called Delager. They used to make these really sweet foil-wrapped bath cubes with lovely floral illustrations, about the size of a chocolate. I used to give them to my mom for Mother’s Day when I was a kid. Do you remember them? They were at every drugstore and Five and Dime.

This perfume that they made is called “Royal Dove”, and it is freaking GORGEOUS!

Like a drugstore riff on a Guerlain; 1/2 way between L’Instant and L’Heure Bleue. Vintage skanky opening and a stunning semi-sweet drydown! Lasts a really long time. Still lots on ebay for under $20.

I’m SO impressed. Wow. Just….. wow!😍

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