Pryn Parfum : Lolita edp concentrée


Originally published on  29 May, 2017


Lovers of fresh, beautiful florals and classic French perfumes are going to adore Pryn Parfum’s recent release, Lolita.

Prin Lomros, a very gifted perfumer from Thailand, moved into the spotlight this year for receiving a finalist nomination in the 2017 Art & Olfaction Awards Artisan category for his stunning spicy rose “floriental” Rosuerrier, inspired by Joan Of Arc. Prin is based in Bangkok (a.k.a The Big Mango) Thailand.

Pryn Parfum currently has fifteen scents available-thirteen of which are available on the Pryn website, and two bespoke exclusives available only in Bangkok boutiques. The perfumes are all produced as a “Parfum Intense concentration” which is halfway between an edp and an extrait. As well as perfumes, Pryn offers a range of scented candles and scented Himalayan crystals for use in aroma diffusers.

“I graduated with a master’s degree in Film study and no background in perfumery. The only thing I knew is that I loved scent and being a perfume collector! I had taken basic chemistry in high school and this helped me understand perfume a lot. My own personal perfume story started at the Cannes film festival, and while there I had a chance to visit Grasse, long considered to be the perfume capitol of France? It occurred to me that although I love to express my stories via film the method can be too clichéd, people had made films for decades and I believed there’s nothing new in film, so I needed a different method that allowed me to express my stories. That’s how my journey began. I learned simple perfumery methods in a classroom in Grasse, and returned to Thailand to work in the perfume industry with some great mentors. All the rest is self-taught.

My perfumes are the story of places, experiences, culture, art, films, and scents of my journey. I consider perfume within the context of storytelling; every note, every element must be chosen wisely to communicate the scenery and how the story goes and how the story ends. From film I learned this: The greatest film makers must be able to make films in any genre. So for my debut I created five scents in five different styles/genres to introduce myself as a perfumer. And I am so thrilled to share my olfactory stories to perfume lovers everywhere.” –Prin Lomros

You’ll hear more about Prin Lomros’ award-nominated Rosuerrier in a future review, but right now I’d like to introduce you to a sexy little number hiding in Pryn Parfum’s back-catalog. Her name is Lolita, and like her Vladimir Nabokov 1955 novels’ namesake, she is a young girl ready to take the step into the power of her own womanhood and sexuality. “Lolita. The journey through transformation from a girl to a woman. Celebrating her love, beauty and sexuality of youth. Love; delights of dessert, ripe fresh fruits. Beauty; sweet and sensual flowers in the garden. Sexuality; seducing musk and amber.”

Not unlike the Lolita of the book, Lolita the parfum Intense begins with innocence and flirtation, light and bright osmanthus mixed with flirty and girlishly sweet honeysuckle which quickly steps back for the candy creaminess of the crème brûlée and tart astringency of lemon curd. Both notes add a level of sweetness that COULD make your teeth ache and send the perfume tumbling into gourmand territory, yet it never goes that far. Rather it skims the very edge of diabetic coma, perfectly happy to just dip its’ blood-red lacquered toenail in while simultaneously and lasciviously licking a heart shaped lollipop.

All the while the musk keeps everything grounded soundly in the slightly carnal and suggestive. But as they say, youth is fleeting and soon enough Lolita veers solidly into classic french perfume style as the trés sophisticated florals of rose, jasmine, and a soupçon of carnation slip in. The perfume at this point feels extremely grown-up, akin to Guerlains classic L’Heure Bleue, or a Dior worn by a “mature-for-her-age” 20-something. Still flirty, but with an undercurrent that hints at a naughty and predatory edge. And there it stays for hours, a gorgeous grown-up vintage-style aroma that’ll knock your socks (and maybe your undergarments) off. Notes: Honeysuckle, Osmanthus, Musk, Crème Brûlée, Lemon Curd, Neroli, Rose Otto, Nectarine, Egyptian Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Carnation and Amber.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Pryn Parfum and Prin Lomros for supplying the sample. Opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Sr. Contributor

Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to Pryn Parfum, we have a worldwide draw of three individual prizes for three people of a 15 ml. travel sized Lolita parfum, and two “Discovery Sets” of the entire line (3 ml.x 7, Jardin d’iris, Le Mimosa, Hikari, Amalfi, Taiga, Turkish Leather, Rosuerrier). Please be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Robert’s review of Lolita, which fragrance from Pryn Parfums appeals to you, which of the three prizes you would like to win i.e, The Discovery Set or the 15 ml Lolita and where you live. Draw closes 6/2/2017

We announce the winners only on our site and on our Facebook page, so like Cafleurebon and use our RSS feed…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume.

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