Solstice Scents: After The Rain edp (2017)



Originally published on   30 May, 2017


What I know to be true is this: when Angela St. John of Solstice Scents announces the release of a new group of perfumed offerings her scented items often sell out in no time at all. So it should come as no surprise that her new Eau De Parfum After The Rain, is destined to be no exception.

When “The Email” arrives from Solstice Scents announcing on what day and time Angela’s new creations will be available, her multitude of fans (myself included) will be waiting with baited breath over our computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. With our typing fingers at the ready, we count down the seconds until the metaphorical “opening bell” rings. Then like a Black Friday sale we rush to fill our online shopping baskets and press the “buy now” button. Often, lingering too long over a decision might just lead to disappointment. But fear not, of course there will be more product available eventually, but Angela’s perfumes and lotions are so wonderful that desire always drives a classic fragrance “lemming-like” rush to be one of the very first to try them. Yes, her perfumes really are that good and After the Rain is another example of her Olfactive Wizardry.

The story of After The Rain is of a small cottage sitting in a floral-strewn glen in the deep green woods of spring. After raining all night, the storm has abated and the sun is coming up over the trees with it’s crystal sharp light against a vivid cerulean sky, and the warming rays are touching the foliage and blooms in the glen, burning off the mist of the night. Everything sparkles in the sun: a handful of precious gems strewn through and over the buds and fronds.

You lay in your warm bed with the rain’s fresh scent and coolness surrounding you, and you are drawn to the open window by the intoxicating scent of wet velvet happiness. Taking a deep and easy breath, the purpled flowers perfume of nature surround you. Lilac, violets, blue lotus, and the pale wisteria that covers the trellis next to the dutch-door below. The flowers and plants that have seemingly sprung up overnight are almost TOO beautiful and would be overwhelming but for the faint integrated, smooth and comfortable earthbound notes, not of the petrichor-perfumed newly wet ground but what comes AFTER that smell, the wood-splintered and slightly feral aroma of loamy soil allowed to drink its fill at last.

After The Rain is exactly this; a haunting, unadulterated, and pure breeze-caressed romance. A Memento-mori to the sweet ache and transient nature of love lost and then found again. New beginnings. Like burying your nose in a flowering shrub still covered in drops of water that wet your cheek and eyelashes, lightly scented with that feeling of all-encompassing freshness. An olfactive sigh of happiness, contentedness, and possibly a touch of nostalgia and regret.

Notes: Lilac, purple wisteria, blue lotus absolute, rain, new green leaves, wild violets, soil, clary sage and more.

Disclosure: The perfume and opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Sr. Contributor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

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