New Perfume: Chanel Gabrielle (Olivier Polge) 2017


Originally published on   11 July, 2017

Any news of a new CHANEL release sends me into an apoplectic frenzy of joy and desire, and I am usually one of the first to book a seat on the CHANEL train. The newest CHANEL, is a sparkling white floral Eau De Parfum composed by Olivier Polge named Gabrielle in honor of Coco CHANEL’s younger-self. It arrived today and I could not be happier.

Announced as CHANEL’s first “pillar” fragrance release since CHANEL Chance in 2002, if Gabrielle catches on with millennial (and all) buyers, then I suspect it and future flankers that pillar fragrances give rise to, will be part of the CHANEL canon for years to come. It will be divisive undoubtedly; there will be haters and lovers as with any perfume, it will be touted as either the complete destruction or heaven-sent redemption of the Maison CHANEL. I leave it to you to make up your own mind. I disliked CHANEL Boy when it was first released, and that ultimately proved to be merely my lavender aversion. It took me a least a week to warm up to and now I love Boy with all my heart.

Described accurately as an “abstract floral”, Olivier Polge presents a modern white floral for a brand new generation, flirty, flighty, Jeunesse, and a whole lot of fun. Fronted by celebrity and ubër-Emo poster child Kristen Stewart, Gabrielle is a lovely scent that would surely bring a smile to even her lips.

Creating this perfume as an imaginary flower, M. Polge gives us a radiant and sparkling perfume that somehow feels like both a classic CHANEL and something much more contemporary. Based on four white flowers; a rich, exotic Jasmine, fruity green notes of Ylang, fresh and sparkling Orange Blossom, and Tuberose from Grasse, Gabrielle is a perfect foil to the heat of summer. A wear-it-to-the-wedding perfume.

And then there’s that bottle….. said to have been five years in development, the stunning Deco bottle with its faceted four-corner front and back and matching cap arrives with a gold and shot-through silver Lamé bag for storage. The fragrance absolutely shines through the four transparent sides of the bottle, whose sides fade into the background to let the light shine through. The result is a flacon that literally shimmers and glows with a resplendent metallic-like feeling.



Opening with the champagne-rush frothy bubbles of something like aldehydes, a more floral-centric or tropical CHANEL 5 comes to mind, but Gabrielle quickly settles down to let the buttery and slightly indolic ylang-ylang and tuberose shine through. It is a fairly linear scent, with some woody notes as support which manage to uplift and engage. It is neither ground-breaking or earth-shattering, but at the end of the day Gabrielle is a fine floral and a great choice for both younger and older perfume lovers who are ready to amp up (or move back into) the next sophistication level.

Notes: Orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, Grasse tuberose

Disclaimer-both the bottle and the opinions are my own. I preordered on

–Robert Herrmann, Contributing Editor

–Art Direction, Michelyn Camen, Editor-In-Chief

Let us know if you think Gabrielle will be for you!!! Do you plan to buy it? Try it? Tell



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