Guerlain Joyeuse Tubéreuse 2017



Originally published on  30 July, 2017


If it feels like you’re drowning in Tuberose perfumes, and there’s nothing new under the sun, you might just be surprised and delighted with Guerlain’s 2017 addition to the L’Arte Et La Matiere range, Joyeuse Tubéreuse. Perhaps you’ve avoided tuberose as a note in the past for whatever reason; too indolic, too feminine, too “Big White Floral, too TOO”. Whatever that reason might be, Joyeuse Tubéreuse may just be a perfect fit, the tuberose that could possibly change your mind.

As a devoted lover of both Guerlain fragrances and tuberose, I was excited to try this latest offering in the L’Arte Et La Matiere range which has brought us such wonderful perfumes as Tonka Impériale, Cruel Gardenia, and Spiritueuse Double Vanille among others. Joyeuse Tubéreuse does not disappoint. This is NOT a tuberose along the lines of Malle’s head-spinning Carnal Flower or Luten’s sexy and furry Tubérose Criminelle. This is a softer, gentler, and much fresher tuberose, along the lines of a Jean Claude Ellena sheer and elegant watercolor composition. The intention of Guerlain’s Master Perfumers Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk was to create the scent of a tuberose right after a tropical rainstorm, and it is indeed that.

It opens bright and watery, a pure tuberose mixed with a beautiful sparkling green-leaf freshness that strips away much of the indole and lactic aspects of heavier tuberose perfumes. Joyeuse Tubéreuse is a wonderful, bubbly and summery white floral that may not have you swooning, but rather will keep you extremely happy and smiling throughout the warm weather.

Definitely a unisex fragrance, this is a perfume that will keep you noticed without upstaging. Joyeuse Tubéreuse is indeed very joyous; an easy-to-wear beautiful fragrance that would take you from the office to dinner and dancing and on into the night. The fragrance lasts and lasts with that classic Guerlain floral-vanilla vibe that the company does so very well. Not the classic “Guerlainade” blast that you might expect, but absolutely recognizable as a Guerlain and gorgeous none the less.

Notes: Green notes, tuberose, lily, jasmine sambac, sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla.

Disclaimer: The samples and opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Contributing Editor

-Art Direction, Michelyn Camen, Editor-In-Chief

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