Shalini Jardin Nocturne (Maurice Roucel) 2017


Originally published on  12 September, 2017


“Dubai is a city that is modern with a traditional core. There is a sense of refinement there, a soul there…”-Maurice Roucel, Master Perfumer.

When the stars and planets align, and synchronicity and collaboration create a perfect fit, extraordinary and miraculous events can happen. And that’s exactly what happened 13 years ago when in the course of just one day, Bombay born haute-couture designer Shalini (pronounced Sha-leh-nay) and Master perfumer Maurice Roucel created her eponymous Shalini, frankly one of the greatest white floral fragrances ever made, and in my opinion, a modern masterpiece. No expense was spared and only the very finest and rarest materials available were used, housed in a limited edition Lalique “Le Coquillage” flacon.

Shalini approaches her fragrances with very specific briefs and extremely high expectations as one would expect from a classically trained architect; in Maurice Roucel, she has found the perfect partner and co-creator. Now, in 2017 the pair have done it again, creating “Jardin Nocturne” the second chapter in a series of three fragrances she will complete with M. Roucel. Jardin Nocturne is a stunning hymn to the scent of the warm night air of Dubai city, the genesis of this new and exquisite fragrance, which, according to Maurice Roucel “uses the highest amount of jasmine absolue on the market”.

Jardin Nocturne brings to life the olfactive memories of both creative director and perfumer of the scented moonlit evenings in Dubai; a city where nature and urbanity are synthesized. A city where the desert meets the sea, and where the black gold of oil has replaced pearls as the currency that has put Dubai on fast-forward since 1966 and created a gleaming metropolis, sophisticated and glamorous, from what was once a simple desert oasis.

There are desert scents aplenty, most of them very successfully utilizing a “1001 Arabian Nights” fairytale-style of olfactive storytelling to create the ambience of their perfume. Shalinis’ new Jardin Nocturne manages to go one better in creating a fragrance that is grounded solidly in the cutting edges of the 21st century all the while happily tethered to the history and legacy of opulent oriental style perfumes that came before.

Jardin Nocturne opens with the finest cool and sleek jasmine scented wind, what you might smell as you careen through the cutting edge architectural high-rises of downtown Dubai in a state-of-the-art 2017 Mercedes S-class convertible; the top down, the warm scented wind blowing through your hair, as you head out into the open desert awash in the quicksilver Mercury-colored light of a full moon. As the breezy scent of the night blooming Jasmine Absolute slowly softens, the heart and very soul of Jardin Nocturne comes through; the most exquisitely blended oud and sandalwood.

Think you know Oud? Think again. Here it is smooth, creamy, with a woody sweetness that is redolent of the deepest darkest caramel colored sauce being hand stirred in a burnished copper cauldron that shimmers and floats on your skin like a soft zephyr breath from the heart of the desert. The saffron and musk provide a tender earthy glow redolent of sand, moonlight, and mystery, reaffirming the feeling of having traveled back in time as the lights of Dubai city disappear behind you and the desert sands of antiquity surround you.

Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine absolute from India, Assam Oud, Saffron, Mysore Sandalwood, Musk

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Shalini for supplying the samples. The opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Editor (with contributuons from Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief)

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief: Thank you Shalini for your personal photos of Dubai.All photos @Shalini

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