Ruth Mastenbroek Firedance EdP: (2017) New Perfume Review


Originally Published on   2 November, 2017


Ruth Mastenbroek, one of England’s finest and most celebrated independent perfumers has just alerted us to some great news; not only are her perfumes available in the USA at long last (at the launchpad of so many fantastic International brands Indigo Perfumery), but with them comes a wonderful and sexy fragrance called Firedance.

Time was (April 1775 to be exact) that the call to arms “The British are coming” would have you either reaching for your musket and powder horn or taking your family to a safe location.These days that same cry will have you grabbing your credit card and rushing down to local niche perfumery intent on discovering what new scented treasures may have arrived from the UK. One of these treasures is the exquisite perfume range from Ruth Mastenbroek.

“For the past 40 years I have worked with oils, essences, flowers and spices to create fragrances. I adore perfume and get to work with some of the most exquisitely scented materials on earth. I have loved fragrance all my life… My perfumery palette is my playground, my refuge, my source of inspiration.To follow my dream of becoming a perfumer, and armed with a degree in chemistry from Oxford, I spent time training in Grasse, France, and at Naarden International (now Givaudan) studying alongside brilliant perfumers including Olivier Cresp, and Jacques Cavallier. After my perfumery career took me to Holland, France and Japan, I returned to England where I set up my own company creating fragrances to order. I’ve created fragrances for many different brands, including Jo Malone, Kenneth Turner, Prismologie and Jigsaw, and was President of the British Society of Perfumers. Searching for freedom of expression in my work, I launched my own range of fragrances in 2010… you could say they are made up of the scents of my life’s journey – the past and present creating the future…” -Ruth Mastenbroek

Ruth’s three previous Eau de Parfums (Signature, Amorosa, and Oxford) are extraordinary perfumes, masterfully blended using top-tier ingredients, and Firedance is no exception; created in celebration of those small moments in life of extreme contentment. Firedance is quite simply a revelation in rose, leather, and oudh.

Ruth is also premiering all new packaging, with each perfume charmingly represented by a cut paper illustration encased in a single drop of fragrance. As Ruth explains it “Every perfume is a masterpiece. Every drop tells a story”. Masterpiece indeed.

Firedance opens with mouthwatering and tart apple and lemon, bright and pithy with an olfactive “crunch”, the sense of biting into a perfect autumn apple, feeling the burst of flavor in your mouth and having the juices run down your chin. Almost immediately the rose appears like a Diva in a spotlight.

This is a perfume that is all about the rose. Fragrance friends who know me, understand that I have an addiction to rose scents, some call me a “Rose Ho’” a moniker that I proudly cherish. The rose in Firedance is a big, blousy Damask Rose, that’s fiery in the best Flamenco dance sort of way, big and bold, hot and sweaty; the rose that Carmen would wear in the tattered bodice of her blouse.

Or Mama Rose in the finale of “Gypsy” shouting to the universe “Here she is boys! Here she is world! Here’s Rose!” A rose of seduction. Firedance takes no prisoners. None. This is a rose that takes names (and numbers) for later. And later, she’s still there. Firedance lasts on the skin forever, surrounding one in a personal cloud of sublime rose, leather and oudh.

Notes: Apple, lemon, damask rose, leather, cashmere, oudh, patchouli

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Indigo Perfumery for supplying my sample. The opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief


Firedance Eau de Parfum

Thanks to Indigo Perfumery, the exclusive US stockist and Ruth Mastenbroek we have one 50 ml. bottle of Firedance for one registered reader in either the USA or EU so be sure to register if you have not done so. There is one winner. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Robert’s review of Firedance, if you have a favorite Ruth Mastenbroek perfume and where you live. Do you LOVE Rose Perfumes? Draw closes on 11/6/2017

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2 thoughts on “Ruth Mastenbroek Firedance EdP: (2017) New Perfume Review

  1. Flamenco Dance Rose??? Yes Please! I am obsessed with Rose, especially the kind in which Robert has described here – big. bold, wild and arresting. And with Oud (one of my favorite notes) in the mix, this sounds captivating! I have never tried any of the perfumers offerings before – and I live in Maryland, USA – thanks!


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