Pryn Parfums: Morah (Prin Lomros) 2017 New Perfume Review


Originally Published on 19 January, 2017


Hot on the heels of his Art & Olfaction 2017 Artisan finalist for the stunning spicy rose fragrance Rosuerrier, artisan perfumer Prin Lomros of Pryn Parfum turns to the folklore of his native country, Thailand, for his latest perfume created in 2017. Pryn Parfum Morah is an unusual and addictive “floriental”. While using classic ingredients of civet and sandalwood in the base, Mr. Lomros makes this perfume his own by incorporating flowers and scents particular to Thailand and Southeast Asia and the result is a perfume that is an exercise in blending perfection, extraordinary depth, and sublime beauty.

Created to skew neither feminine nor masculine, Pryn Parfum Morah is a unisex scent that combines vintage constructs with Asian exoticism. The Thai flowers in the composition represent the curvaceous lusciousness of womankind, specifically a character named Morah in the Thai folk tale of “Chantakorob”. Chantakorob is a popular figure in Thai literature; a warrior with true and honest heart and in this particular tale Chantakorob falls in love with the perfume’s namesake Morah, a savvy Thai “Femme Fatale”, who uses all her beauty, wiles and smarts to be able to survive in a world where men’s decisions are law and women are barely allowed to think. As the story goes, after meeting a handsome bandit in the woods one day, Morah slays the kindhearted Chantakorob to be with the bandit, who ultimately abandons her.

She meets the Hindu god Indra who, in the guise of an eagle, tricks Morah, ultimately turning her into a monkey in punishment for her promiscuous ways.The truth and underlying story is that Morah is actually an innocent woman who is set loose into a cruel male-dominated world, innocent to the unforgiving and controlling nature of men. Ultimately she suffers for her passion. A sad story, indeed.

Thankfully, Pryn Parfums Morah has a joyous ending. This extrait develops along the lines of the stories, opening classical and familiar through the use of the aldehydes, civet, and sandalwood, then veering to alluring and exotic with the addition of the cannonball flower and the climbing ylang. The coffee, tobacco, pepper, and ash take root and ground the perfume solidly in the bandits fantastical forest, while the slightly indolic white florals combine with the opium and champaca to create an almost hallucinogenic feeling that brings to life the idea of a folkloric tale, one based in fantasy, but leaving a lasting impression as if lessons has been taught and and learned. Like the legend of Morah, Pryn Parfum Morah is an alluring fragrance that leads you to your own fairytale.

Notes: Aldehydes, Coffee absolute, Indian Tuberose, Gardenia, Frangipani, Opium, Black Pepper, Civet,Tobacco, Oakmoss, Ash, Cumin, Golden Champaca, Cannonball flower, Climbing Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Teak

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Prin Lomros for supplying my sample. The opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

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