Huitiéme Arts: Superlady (Pierre Guillaume) 2018

277ED616-32DB-42E0-84FA-FF782EF5D19FOriginally Published On  8 February, 2018

“A vibrant floral; Superlady is a magic potion for the Wonder Women of everyday life!”-Pierre Guillaume.

The Magnolia Flower with its multi-scented facets of rose, vanilla, and flat-out lush floralcy is the perfect metaphor for French perfumer’s Pierre Guillaume’s new Eau de Parfum, a floral gourmand he named Superlady. Pierre Guillaume Superlady is inspired by the strong, capable women who surround and personally inspire M. Guillaume, and is centered on the head-turning Magnolia a sub-tropic and tropical-zone flower.

Magnolia (like all strong women) has proved itself to be tenacious, glorious, hardy, and has been blooming on our planet since the Mesozoic Era, approximately 95 million years ago. The magnolia blossom is venerated worldwide as the ultimate manifestation of the divine feminine or Yin.

M. Guillaume has generously given shout-outs to the women who inspire him, a “who’s-who of worldwide women who are movers and shakers” including our very own Michelyn Camen, Editor-In-Chief of ÇaFleureBon

Pierre Guillaume is fiercely indpendent and is known for pushing the olfactive envelope, his Huitiéme Art range with its simple accords succeeds in breaking a glass ceiling albeit this time a fragranced one. Superlady is his seventeenth offering for this range which was created in 2010. Separate from his Parfumerie Generale collection, Huitiéme Art was created to break new ground with heretofore unknown cutting edge combinations and techniques, as well as to honor the Romanian perfumer, blogger critic and historian Octavian Sever Coifan, who coined the term “Perfume is the Eighth Art”.

Superlady, described by M. Guillaume as a “Vitaminized Floral” (read supercharged) opens with a green and humid blast of Magnolia, sweet and creamy. Using the Headspace method of extraction allows the often hidden vanillic and bitter green facets to shine, and you can smell the lushness and all-encompassing tropical fecundity emanating from the bloom. It’s almost like standing in a floral hothouse with the moist and heavy air surrounding you.

The soft presence of the apple enrobed in a bright pinkish-red coating of lip-smacking and hard-crack candy, hovers in the background bringing a distinctly sassy vibe to the sheer dripping femininity of the blossom. Underneath all is the softest cream-colored pashmina shawl of white amber, which keeps Superlady from delving head first into the realm of too sweet. Superlady is a candy apple and vivid rainforest magnolia floral that is not for the very young, but rather the accomplished woman who’ conquered the art of “Adulting” and is at the peak of her performance, physically, mentally, and sexually. A “take-no-prisoners” fragrance, Pierre Guillaume Superlady will turn heads at the office, club, on the street, or at home. If you love big florals as I do you’ll want this. Trust me.

Notes: Headspace-Extracted Magnolia Blossom, Candy Apple Accord, White Amber

Disclosure: Michelyn bought her bottle of Pierre Guillaume Superlady and sent me a sample. The opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

–Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

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Editor’s Note: Pierre Guillaume Superlady will be sold in the USA at OsswaldNYC, and owner Tanja Dreiding Wallace is one of Pierre Guillaume’s Superladies!

Thanks to Pierre Guillaume , has one 10 ml Pierre Guillaume Superlady for one registered readers in the USA, Canada, or the EU, so be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible go to the website and please let us know what appeals to you about Roberts’ review of Pierre Guillaume Superlady, your favorite fragrance by Pierre Guillaume and where you live. Who is a Superlady in your life? Tag your comment #superlady and your comment will count twice. Draw closes 2/11/2018

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