Kyse Perfums: Gardenia Sucré & Amê Sauvage (Terri Bozzo) 2017 New Perfumes Review & Draw

Originally published on   10 March, 2018


Terri Bozzo, owner and perfumer for Kyse Perfumes in Northern California, has built up quite a cult following in her four years of creating scent. In 2017, Terri released two new fragrances that flew “under-the-radar”… Kyse Perfumes Gardenia Sucré and Âme Sauvage (both Eau De Parfum strength) and you’ll definitely want to try and buy both. Known in the on-line perfume community as “The Queen Of Gourmand” Terri’s extensive background in nutrition and chemistry has served her very well in her creation of one gourmand beauty after another. Terri keeps it real and down to earth; not a whole lot of fancy packaging and labeling, just great scents that are simple, perfectly presented and extremely reasonable price-wise.

Kyse Perfumes Gardenia Sucré and Âme Sauvage are what you will want to waft if you plan on attending (or throwing) a spring or early summer wedding. They are perfectly matched non-matching bookends, a fragrant duality. They are polar opposites, yet feel as if they complement and support each other; Yin & Yang, light & dark, soaring & grounded, masculine & feminine.

Kyse Perfumes Gardenia Sucré is as light as a cloud and sweet as meringue is a fairy-tale princess at the end of a glorious technicolor Disney© movie where everyone lives happily ever after. An absolute bon-bon of a scent, layers of frilly fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting shot through with fresh gardenia fairly dripping in a mist of early morning dew. Gardenia Sucré opens with a bright, sparkling and heady white gardenia floral backed by a milky lactonic note that’s sweet with rock crystal like a perfectly baked Macaron. If you are a fan of Serge Lutens divisive La Religieuse, (which I am) itself suggestive of a jasmine-scented french pastry of the same name, you’ll recognize Gardenia Sucré. Ultimately the cedarwood in the drydown tempers the sweet-tooth aspect, creating a scent that in its entirety, is totally delightful and different. Notes: Creamy dewy gardenia, sugared milk notes, vanilla Co2, and blonde cedar wood.

If Gardenia Sucré is a Disney© princess, Kyse Perfumes Âme Sauvage is the polar opposite; the bad boy prince with the heart of gold, all scruff and bravado, a butch leather jacket on a tricked out Harley. A true leather lovers idea of barely tamed pelt, Âme Sauvage puts the pedal to the metal, the rubber to the road with a distinctive growl like a finely tuned engine; the prince who drives his beloved motorcycle right down the aisle of the chapel, sweeping the bride (or groom) off their feet and disappearing in a spray of gravel and drooping rose petals, shocking the parents and leaving the children squealing with joy. The smoky vanilla feels like a dropped piece of wedding cake left in a blast of cycle exhaust, the musk and animal notes combine with the leather to create a vision of a well worn leather garment, saturated with life, body heat, and sweat. VERY sexy.

The immortelle is the smell of the dust-dry aroma of the hot gravel in the air, and as Billy Idol would say with his trademark sneer “It’s a nice day for a white wedding”. Notes: Smoked vanilla, leather, immortelle, asphalt, musk and other animalic notes.

Postscript: Terri has just introduced Foaming Bath Butter Soap, a new product which is a gentle, moisturizing, lightly foaming, and scented with your choice of her perfume fragrances. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and it is terrific. The scent I’ve been using is “J” a beautiful concoction of vanilla absolute, tobacco absolute, Himalayan cedar, and oudh; a gourmand woody tobacco that I described to Terri as “A marshmallow with a heart of darkness.”

Disclosure: Thank you so much to Terri Bozzo for supplying my samples. The opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to the VERY Generous Terri Bozzo and Kyse Perfumes, has a draw for one registered reader anywhere in the world for your choice of either 60 ml of either Kyse Perfumes Gardenia Sucré and Âme Sauvage or 30 ml of Kyse Perfumes Gardenia Sucré and Âme Sauvage with complementing body cream and soap (so be sure to register) if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Robert’s review of Gardenia Sucré and Âme Sauvage, which of the prizes you would like to win and where you live. Draw closes on 3/14/2018

We announce the winners only on our website and on our Facebook page, so like Cafleurebon and use our Site feed…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume.


2 thoughts on “Kyse Perfums: Gardenia Sucré & Amê Sauvage (Terri Bozzo) 2017 New Perfumes Review & Draw

  1. I’d love to try both of the Kyse perfumes – Gardenia Sucre and Ame Sauvage. I love the contrasts in the fragrances – sweet gourmand mixed with eathiness and grit, and the way Robert describes how they live together in one fragrance. I’m swimming in a gourmand sea at the moment – love them – but want the grounded and a bit dirty – not too pretty and sweet. These two sound like something I would love!

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