Mugler Alien Flora Futura 2018

Originally published on   23 March, 2018


Maison Mugler has reinterpreted the iconic Alien for their latest release Alien Flora Futura, which under the expert guidance of Dominque Ropion and Jean Christophe Héuralt will most likely thrill most Mugler Parfum lovers. It might even open wide the doors of the Alien intergalactic star-cruiser to an all new audience of potential budding perfumistas.

I likened Mugler’s 2017 release Aura to “…the perfume that you can imagine the two misunderstood witches, green-skinned Elphaba from “Wicked“ and “Sleeping Beauty’s” dastardly villainess Maleficent wearing. Aura the perfume is something that will be relished by those who consider being an outsider or different a character trait to be cherished not punished, and all the Cruella DeVille’s of the world who secretly harbor a (however small) heart of gold.”

In Alien Flora Futura the bad witches have met their match in this new perfume that is more akin to Glinda The Good Witch floating down from the stratosphere in a pink bubble, which upon popping open releases a scent that is kindness, happiness, and sparkly magic made real. Let’s start with the bottle. Having shed her deep amethyst robes of night, Alien in her Floral Futura manifestation is now clothed in the sparkling pink of the desert-dawn shot thru with lashes of pale tangerine that feels nothing short of goodness personified and sits in the hand glimmering like a precious pink diamond.

If you’ve struggled with any of the previous Alien releases as some might have, then Alien Flora Futura will be the quintessential entry-level Alien for you, a perfect lighter introduction to the Alien line. Retaining the Alien core DNA of over-the-top jasmine, but replaced with the spicy green notes of the “similar/not similar” Queen Of the night cactus flower, Alien Flora Futura will be the perfect dash-and-go perfume for spring and summer.

Alien Flora Futura is essentially a Space Opera in three parts; “Crisp Revelation” opens with the pithy green accord of the Buddha’s Hand fruit or Asian Citron. It is at times bitter, surprisingly sweet, and above all centers around a feeling of aquatic spaciousness. Akin to biting into a soft-centered but hard-crusted pomelo with floral/green notes mingling with the fruit, the floralcy segues perfectly into part two or “Flower Of The Future Revelation” with its unusual use of an accord based on the Queen Of The Night cactus bloom. A spectacular flower that blossoms only one evening per year, it provides a scent akin to spicy and powdery jasmine often described through history as “The scent of angels”.

Part Three (the drydown) is called the “Creamy Revelation” and adds a cashmere soft sandalwood combined with a milky almost-lactonic white amber which, when combined with the citrus and floral notes that precede it, make for an intriguing, other-worldly Ziggy Stardust type of fragrance which will leave you sniffing the air around you for hours to come.

So the question remains “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Will you prefer the darkness and strange allure and beauty of Aura, or the lighter and easier vibe of Alien Flora Futura? You can be either or you can be both (as I am), sometimes a “Bitch”, most often “niche” but always ecstatic when an unusual and sublime fragrance comes my way.

Notes: Buddha’s Hand Flower (Citrus Medica), Cloverleaf, Queen of the Night Cactus Flower (Selenicereus Grandiflorus), White Amber, Sandalwood.

Disclosure: The sample and opinions are my own.

–Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

Thanks to MuglerUSA, has one 100 ml bottle of Alien Flora Futura for one registered reader in the USA ONLY so be sure to register on the website if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know on the website what appeals to you about Robert review of Alien Flora Futura, if you are a fan of Mugler Alien and if you see yourself as a good or bad witch.. Aura or Alien? Draw closes 3/27/208

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