Aether Arts Perfume: Iris Laughs Extrait (Amber Jobin) 2018

Originally published on   MAY 8, 2018


Amber Jobin of Aether Art Perfume

Award-winning perfumer Amber Jobin of Aether Arts Perfume has a happy new iris extrait for spring called Iris Laughs, and its release is an example of perfect timing! Spring is the Pacific Northwest is flat-out schizophrenic; days (like today) can be warm and temperate when standing in the sun, but step into the shade and the temperature feels like it plunges 20 degrees and you find yourself wishing for heavy socks and a down parka. Fortunately for us perfume lovers, we have scent alchemists like Amber Jobin to help us through these weather mood-swings and Aether Arts Perfume Iris Laughs is exactly the panacea I’ve been searching for.

Iris pallidia

So many iris/orris perfumes are cool and melancholic. I wanted a happy iris/orris perfume that captured the fun and flirtiness of the real flower, a way to hold spring in my heart all year long. Iris Laughs is a celebration of one of my favorite flowers—a particular Iris that pops up all over my neighborhood every spring—Iris Pallida. If you are familiar with this variety, you’ll instantly recognize the effervescent, fruity top note that smells just like grape soda and seems perfectly matched to the purple-hued petals. A true-to-life soliflore that accurately captures all the nuances of Iris Pallida: the sparkling, fruity top notes, the sweet but green, floral heart of the blossom, and the rich earthiness of the roots (featuring an abundance of true Orris Absolute).It’s always spring when Iris Laughs.” -Amber Jobin

Still from Sideways 2004

Aether Arts Perfume Iris Laughs is the perfect name for an extrait this bright, cheerful, and flat-out happy. Opening with a sun-kissed burst of aldehydes within the sparkling grape accord, Aether Arts Perfume Iris Laughs surrounds you with a champagne-like sheer veil of bubbles, light and effervescent, with a deep and fusty base like freshly planted grape vines. The smell is reminiscent of the fragrance of the Sonoma Valley “crush” when driving through the valley in September and October with your car windows down makes you punch-drunk with the scents of the harvest. Although Amber describes the scent opening as that of grape soda, to me it’s much more than that: there’s a deep and dank accord that tells you the seasons are changing, and a bountiful harvest has been set in motion.

Very quickly the Iris accord, orris accord and orris absolute create fields of Iris surrounding you, nodding and basking in the warm spring breeze. The violet leaf tinges the scene with the palest cerulean green creating a fragrant mise-en-place, and the smooth creamy sandalwood acting as a basal note, provides the perfect woody and unforgettable smoothness within which all this beauty takes place. I recently had the great good pleasure of spending time with Amber Jobin during Esxence 2018, and it strikes me that Iris Laughs is the perfect metaphor for Amber herself; vivacious, bubbly, effervescent, joyful, and deeply rooted in her passion for her work, and her community.

Note: Sparkling Grape Accord, Fresh Iris Blossom Accord, Rose Otto, Violet Leaf Absolute, Orris Accord, Orris Absolute, Mysore Sandalwood

Disclosure: Thank you SO much to Amber Jobin and Aether Arts Perfume  for supplying my sample. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief (all images by Amber unless otherwise noted©)

Thanks to Amber Jobin, we have one 5.5 ml. bottle of Aether Arts Perfume Iris Laughs Extraitfor one registered reader In the USA, so be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what appeals to you about Robert’s review and your thoughts on iris perfumes. Draw closes on 5/11/2018

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