Chanel Les Eaux Paris-Biarritz (Olivier Polge) 2018

Originally Published on  18 June 2018


Robert H.’s bottle©

CHANEL Paris-Biarritz  is one of the 3 new releases in Les Eaux collection, each one meant to commemorate a specific location meaningful to Coco Chanel and representative of the “scent of place”.  CHANEL Paris-Biarritz honors  the Côte Basque; that quintessential french coastal Atlantic playground of the rich and famous, which Coco Chanel was introduced to in 1915. On leave from the military, her racing car and Polo obsessed lover Captain Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel took her to Biarritz and it was love at first sight. Coco Chanel loved Biarritz so much that she chose the town for her first couture shop, located in a villa directly across from the famous Biarritz hotel/casino Hôtel Du Palais (built in the shape of an “E” by Napoleon III for his Empress Eugénie), and her simple and elegant designs captured the hearts (and wallets) of summer visitors and the CHANEL dynasty was born.

CHANEL Boutique in Biarritz© courtesy of CHANEL

Biarritz was already famous by the time Coco Chanel  first visited, having been occupied since the 12th century. French author Victor Hugo visiting in 1843 wrote: “I do not know a place more charming and magnificent, I only have one fear: that it will become fashionable.”  And fashionable it became. In 1957 Hollywood came calling in the form of Deborah Kerr and her husband and screenwriter Peter Viertel visiting Biarritz while filming Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”. Mr. Viertel, an avid surfer, brought his board with them, and discovering the waves were perfect for surfing inadvertently gave faded-glory Biarritz a second chance at life, and it remains one of the EU’s top surfing destination to this day.

Vintage Biarritz travel poster via©

In creating CHANEL Paris-Biarritz reminiscent of the coastal heart of the French Basque country, In-House Perfumer Olivier Polge brings to life the windswept coast with citrus notes tinged with a slight breeze of salt air, and a grassy earthy note that represents the dune grass that hugs the beaches. There’s also a touch of Lily of the valley for the coastal flower beds and a slight furry musk, but at its heart it is is a carefree citrus vacation by the seaside, bright and shimmery as light reflected off of crashing waves.

The bottle is rounded at the corners suggesting the shape of an Art Deco toiletries case and is an absolute joy to hold. Containing a whopping 125 ml there should be more than enough to last you a full summer’s vacation of two to three months. And for an oceanfront vacation CHANEL Paris-Biarritz will be all the scent you’ll need!

Notes: Sicilian Mandarin, Citrus Accord, Lily Of The Valley Accord, Musk Accord

Disclosure: Thanks to CHANEL International for my bottle. My opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

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