En Voyage Perfumes: 3 You Should Be Wearing Right Now….


Originally Published On http://www.cafleurebon.com    4 July, 2018


Shelly Waddington of En Voyage Perfumes


As perfumistas it’s good to turn off the daily bombardment of new releases and rifle around the cabinet(s) to remind ourselves of how many terrific scents already exist in the world, or scour the back catalogs of a favorite perfume house. You will inevitably uncover new or forgotten beautiful fragrances. This was exactly my predicament one recent rainy Sunday when I decided to look back at a few of Shelly Waddington’s marvelous award-winning creations for En Voyage Perfumes. En Voyage Perfumes, for many years based in Carmel California but now firmly ensconced in Portland Oregon, is a perfume range that never fails to impress; there are so many standouts in Shelly’s range…. Go Ask Alice (2011), A Study In Water (2012), Fiore Di Bellagio (2014), and Frida (2015) among so many others. Here are three scents from the line that always delight and inspire and are worth re-discovering, or trying for the first time if you haven’t yet.


En Voyage Perfumes Makeda (2010): Makeda (meaning “Greatness” in Ethiopic) is the name often proscribed to the biblical Queen Of Sheba, a strong, literate, and beautiful woman of color who ruled either the Kingdom of Axum in Ethiopia, the Kingdom of Saba in Yemen, or most likely both. Her love story with Solomon King of Judea is the stuff of legends, and might be the basis of some of the greatest love poetry of ancient history: The Psalm Of Psalms. En Voyage Makeda pays tribute to this extraordinary woman, and presents as a perfect hot weather scent; dry and fragrant as a desert wind, dark and sensual with Jasmine and musk. The oudh and cedar create an exotic foundation on which the fruits, citrus, and milky indolic Jasmine can rule. And rule they do. I wore Makeda to bed the other night and the scent combined with the warmth of the night made my spouse a bit “crazy”. (Wink wink nudge nudge).  According to our Editor in Chief, her perfume  review from 2010 has the  most  page views of any fragrance review since our inception. Notes: Pamplemousse, Mediterranean fruits, Bitter orange, Jasmine Sambac, Cedarwood, Agarwood, Musk

Paul Gaugin Te Arii Vahine©

Nectars Des Iles (2011):The perfect tropical island perfume, Nectars Des Iles transports the wearer to a small, lush, and humid South Seas island rife with blooming plumeria, gardenia, and tiare sitting on a creamy base of vanilla, amber and musk. Like sitting on a white sand beach under a full moon with sapphire seas gently lapping, and surrounded by the heady and narcotic smell of wild jungle foliage, En Voyage Nectar Des Iles is a vacation in a bottle. Perfect for that mid-day getaway when deadlines are looming and an iced coffee just doesn’t cut it. That moment when a deep calming breath is called for, and the beach and the sea beckon, in other words, liquid meditation. Notes: Wild Orange, Mandarin, Green Citron, Osmanthus Nectar, Fresh Gardenia and Tiare petal accord, Absolutes of two frangipani species, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine auriculatum, Sandalwood Absolute from Vanuatu, Tahitian Vanilla, Amber and Fine White Musks.

Magnolia image by Imogen Cunningham/ Zelda Fitzgerald

En Voyage Perfumes Zelda (2014): I know few perfume-loving people who have not discovered the smoky floral magnolia allure of Zelda. Produced in collaboration with Michelyn Camen our Editor-in-Chief, En Voyage Zelda is a time machine back to the Roaring ‘20’s and the frenetic nightlife of Paris and New York City.

Hôtel Belles Rives, France. F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

This perfume captures the very heart and soul of the tragic Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald from her madcap deep Southern roots, through the years as the toast of the “Lost Generation”, to her ultimate descent into madness. As much an olfactive storyline as a tribute to the classic perfumes of the 1920’s Zelda is an unforgettable and mysterious woody floral full of hidden nuance and emotion, and perfect for a summers evening or romantic dinner al fresco. Zelda is a “must have” for every perfume collection.Notes:Spiced Italian Bergamot, Spices, and Iranian Galbanum, Creamy Magnolia Blossom and Garden Florals, Smoky Amber, Vintage Musks, Vanilla, Balsams, Sandalwood and Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Mousse de Chêne

Disclosure: Thanks to En Voyage Perfumes for the samples. The opinions are my own.

-Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor


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