Amouage Love Tuberose ~ New Perfume Review


Christopher Chong of Amouage via nstagram

Originally Published On   14 August, 2018


“In Love Tuberose I see a woman kidnapped by love with dreams that only the Russian classical arts have been able to paint. In a declaration of passion, hope and adventures, the fragrance embodies the excitement and the mystery of a blossoming love story.” -Christopher Chong, Amouage Creative Director

Tim Walker©

Inspired by Russian literature and music, Amouage Love Tuberose is the third and newest release in the Amouage “Secret Garden” line; the first two, Lilac Love (2016) and Blossom Love (2017) are two of my favorites. Working again with Perfumer Nathalie Lorson of IFF, Creative Director/wunderkind Christopher Chong, Amouage Love Tuberose continues the “fragrance of love” theme with a gourmand spin on tuberose that is both truly divine and utterly delectable. To wit: I wore Love Tuberose to our island supermarket and farmer’s market last Saturday and the reactions were similarly amazing at both locations. Running into friends whom I hadn’t seen all week (women AND men), after lightly hugging the comments ranged from “Mmmmm…” to “You smell DELICIOUS!” The latter from a heterosexual man who pushed his wife forward to smell my neck. Wife’s comment was “Oooh honey, you NEED a bottle of this, it’s SUPER-SEXY!”

 via Tumbler©

It is in fact, super-sexy; a lightened-up tuberose tailored perfectly for people who think they cannot wear tuberose fragrances. Love Tuberose is a breezy and splendid non-indolic white floral that is easy to wear, has great sillage, and lasts seemingly forever. If you love Amouage Honour Woman as I do, then you’ll love meeting  Amouage Love Tuberose, Honour’s younger and flirtier little sister.

Tim Walker©

Amouage Love Tuberose wastes no time introducing the Tuberose, Jasmine, and Gardenia; the undisputed queens of night-blooming flowers. All three are enrobed in the palest blush-colored angora shawl-like Chantilly cream. And if you think Chantilly cream is just “fancified” whipping cream, you’d be both right and similarly wrong. Whipped cream is often sweetened with a small amount of sugar (granulated) and vanilla.

Robert whipped up Chantilly Cream in his kitchen for this review©

While Chantilly cream has a greater quantity of sugar (no vanilla) and often confectioners’ sugar versus granulated. Splitting hairs? Possibly, but therein lies the difference. Chantilly is simply whipped cream X 100. It is something good made great. And in Love Tuberose it shines through, giving the floralcy a creamy loveliness that you find in only the finest French pastry. As with Lilac Love (Lilac, cacao, & vanilla), and Blossom Love (Ylang-ylang, rose, cherry blossom, tonka bean & vanilla) Chong and Lorson have taken seemingly disparate ingredients, blended them to perfection, and created another winning floral gourmand. The drydown of Amouage Love Tuberose with its mixture of vanilla, cedar, and sandalwood has a  L’Heure Bleue vibe sans the melancholy, which makes it all the more delicious and beautiful to my nose. Based upon the three scrumptious fragrances in the “Secret Garden” range, I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next! Notes: Tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, Chantilly cream, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Amouage for the sample. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Amouage Love Tuberose via Amouage©

Thanks to Amouage and Christopher Chong, we have 30 ml of Amouage Love Tuberose for one registered reader in the USA, so be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what you thought of Robert’s review of Amouage Love Tuberose and if you love tuberose!  Do you have a favorite Amouage perfume? Draw closes 8/17/2018

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