Profumi di Pantelleria: Joyann ~ New Perfume Review


Giovanni Enzo Verelli©

Originally Published on  9 September, 2018

One of the joys of visiting the Italian perfume shows is discovering so many perfume ranges that may be difficult if not impossible to find in the States.The internet has certainly changed that for the better, and now worldwide brands are just a click or two away. Stumbling across Profumi di Pantelleria in Milan last April was sheer dumb luck, and as it turns out, a fortuitous meeting. Paying tribute to the natural beauty and flora of Pantelleria, a small Mediterranean island located in the Straight Of Sicily, Profumi di Pantelleria has been creating fragrances since the late 90’s, fragrances which capture the scents of Isla Pantelleria; the air, sea, earth, and flowering aromatics that engulf the island. Profumi di Pantelleria currently lists eight fragrances available, and there really is something for everyone. Since I personally love a good floral, I zeroed in on Profumi di Pantelleria Joyann,  new for 2018, a bright and joyous paen to the floral beauty of the island.

Self Portrait on Pantelleria Anita Ree©

Named for a young woman’s name since ancient time, Joyann represents certain elegance and an uncommon lightness, with a distinct cheerful and bubbly character. Profumi di Pantelleria wanted to interpret this perfume to associate it with a flower. In nature white flowers such as jasmine offer this light purity with wonderful olfactory nuances. These lovely flowers exude an almost indescribable aroma over a miraculous freshness and infinite sweetness. A mysterious olfactive balance that has always seemed alluring and fascinating.” -Profumi di Pantelleria©

Profumi di Pantelleria Joyann wastes no time plunging headfirst into white florals, with the narcissus and rose at the forefront backed by the sweetness and pithy bite of Sicilian Lemon.The feeling is one of diving off a boat into a cerulean and mirror-bright Mediterranean bay, ice-cold and refreshing on a hot August day. The land gives off aromatic heat shimmers rife with green herbal grassy nuances, and the blooming hedges and scrub sweeten the air. The touch of ambergris supplies a salty and sexual marine note, like the scent of sunbaked skin dipped in salt water. The cedar provides a forests’ shade at the edge of a gleaming beach, while the white musk creates the clean laundry scent of a starched white shirt at the end of an idyllic Mediterranean day. Notes: White Narcissus, White Rose, Wisteria, Sicilian Lemon, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedar Wood, White Musk, Ambergris

Profumi di Pantelleria Perfume Collection

Availability: As of this writing Profumi di Pantelleria is available exclusively online at their site here

Disclosure: Mille Grazie to Profumi di Pantelleria for the perfume. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

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