Perris Monte Carlo Tubéreuse Absolue Extrait De Parfum


Photo by Robert Herrmann©️2018

Originally Published On  14 September 2018


With September firmly underway, the nights are drawing in earlier and are decidedly cooler here in the Pacific Northwest, serving to remind us that winter is just a few months away. Now is the time to start dreaming of tropical climates, white sand beaches, and winter getaways, and what better time than this to spray heavily with a fragrance that is a veritable lush Island paradise in a bottle. Perris Monte Carlo Tubereuse Absolue Extrait fits that bill perfectly.

Gian Luca Perris

Starting with releases in 2014, the Extrait versions of Perris Monte Carlo EdP’s are at long last available in the USA. With the extraits, brand owner, perfumer and Creative Director Gian Luca Perris has taken eight of their most popular fragrances, supercharged them, and the result is spectacular. My current and latest obsession is one from 2017; Perris Monte Carlo Tubereuse Absolue (selected as the winner by the perfume academy feminine niche perfume category at foundation academia del perfume award).

Shutterstock apped by Robert

I dubbed 2017 “The War Of The (Tuber) Roses” for all the tuberose-centric fragrances that were released one after another, and there were some great ones; Naomi Goodsir Nuit de Bakelite, Twilly by Hermes, Café Tuberosa for Atelier Cologne, and Gucci Bloom). 2018 has brought us the new and beautiful Love Tuberose from Amouage, and now the Perris Monte Carlo release of their 2017 ode to tuberose has arrived stateside, and we are all the better for it.

Belinda Durrant©

In the sixteenth century, a missionary was the first to introduce the mystique of Tuberose to France. Found in Central America and nurtured by the Aztecs, the Tuberose flower was known as Omixochitl, a descriptor for its fragile long white blossoms or ‘skinny flower’. The Tuberose plant symbolizes forbidden pleasures and fullness, the flower is a night bloomer with fragile waxy greasy petals that exude a powerful aroma.”

Arthur Hughes – Study of a Head for ‘La belle dame sans merci’

The tuberose accord can be rendered polished or creamy, but the true beauty of Tuberose is in the diverse morphing characteristics. A rare gem in the perfumery world, Tuberose (known as ‘la belle dame sans merci’ or “Beautiful woman with no mercy”) is a dark sultry creature of the night whose merciless beauty will ignite a passion within and ultimately break your heart. While a pure rose stands for everything elegant and heavenly, this smoky, dark carnal scent exudes a powerful aroma that is both elegant and divine.” -Perris Monte Carlo

Parker Fitzgerald & Riley Messina©

Perfumer Mathieu Nardin (who composed Perris Monte Carlo Cacao Azteque with Gian Luc Perris) has created a Tuberose that is ethereal and breezy with little of the indolic aspect. This is a fresh, slightly aquatic floral that is light enough for a day at the beach and sexy enough for an intimate supper “pour deux.” The beautiful waxiness of tuberose is there, but without the overtly buttery notes that can add excessive weight to tuberose fragrances. Perris Monte Carlo Tubereuse Absolue opens on an enormous burst of Jasmine and gardenia, and the addition of cardamom and lavender infuse the lush and sumptuous tropical florals with an almost gourmand feeling, like a flower scented aperitif or pastry. Fans of Lutens A La Nuit and La Religieuse will recognize this feeling right away. Settling down to an almost soliflore-like Tuberose, the slight broom and vetiver notes create a dry and sunshine-filled grassland vibe, like the seagrass growing out of a blinding white sand dune. Perris Monte Carlo Tubereuse Absolue is an exquisite fragrance to help the warm days and nights of summer last well into the winter. Notes: Bergamot, cardamom, lavender, galbanum, tuberose, broom, jasmine sambac, gardenia, orange blossom, vetiver, cedar, musk.

Disclosure:  Thanks to Gian Luca Perris for my bottle.The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Available in the USA at Neiman Marcus and stockists Internationally

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