Aroma M Perfume: Desert Flower for American Perfumer ~ New Perfume Review

Originally Published On   7 December, 2018



A new perfume extrait by Aroma M’s Maria McElroy as a commission for American Perfumer in Louisville, Kentucky, recently launched December 4th 2018. It’s named  Desert Flower, and wearing it makes my heart and soul blossom with joy.

Maria McElroy of Aroma M via Aroma M

When the sample of Aroma M Desert Flower perfume extrait arrived in my PO Box, I did something I rarely do; sat in the Post Office parking lot, tore open the padded envelope, and applied Desert Flower liberally (read: on pretty much any skin available.) I am a huge fan of perfumer Maria McElroy and her Brooklyn-based atelier Aroma M Perfumes, and I knew I had to get my nose on this creation ASAP. As the drops of precious oil landed on my skin, my car was filled with the most indescribable beautiful scent. I closed my eyes and just took it in, breathing slowly, feeling totally at peace and at ease. That’s most often the effect that Maria’s perfumes have on my psyche, and Aroma M Desert Flower perfume is no exception. Commissioned by David Kern of the American Perfumer retail store in Louisville, Kentucky (read our Cafleurebon article about the store here), Aroma M Desert Flower is a sublime and loving tribute to the arid deserts of both the American Southwest and of Northern Africa, and the beauty that is inherent in that particular landscape.

via Iris Magazine apped by MIchelyn

Maria McElroy is an expert in the “Contemporary/Vintage” genre; creating vintage-inspired perfumes with a decidedly modern spin. She always manages to perfectly capture the American zeitgeist, infusing her scents with au courant American sensibility shot through with both Japanese and Middle-Eastern olfactive threads. Aroma M Desert Flower Extrait shows off Maria McElroy’s talent at its finest.

Desert garden

With so many desert-inspired fragrances released in the past two years, Aroma M Desert Flower offers something quite different.This is not your typical “desert” perfume, but rather a quasi-abstract vision of a desert fantasy. On my skin, Aroma M Desert Flower is all about the floralcy; like crossing an airy, spacious expanse and happening upon an oasis of calm and tranquil beauty. An unexpected shaded bower offering respite from the heat and arid endlessness of sand and sky. A fairly linear scent that opens with an almost Stendhal-syndrome wave and rush of beauty, the desert flowers are at the forefront tinged with honey, but allowing the Muguet and Moroccan violet to really shine. An unearthly transcendence of perfection that lasts and lasts. Towards the end of the drydown the subtly blended woods and the chypre-aspect appear and linger to offer support to the tsunami of breathtaking florals. I’ve had the great good luck of discovering perfumes in 2018 that change me somehow, with the realization that for every commercial scent released (2700+ this year alone) there are still intentional perfumers creating work that is both timeless and utterly engaging. Aroma M Desert Flower goes right to the top of that list. Notes: (Desert Flower is composed exclusively of rare, vintage Arabian oils.) Lina (Desert Flower), honey, cedar, muguet, flower of honor (Desert Flower), Moroccan oud, Moroccan vanilla, Moroccan violet, chypre accord, Moroccan amber.

Note: Desert Flower is being produced in a VERY limited run of only 20 bottles, and is available exclusively from American Perfumer.

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Maria McElroy of Aroma M Perfumes for the sample. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Thanks to the generosity of American Perfumer we have a 10 ml deluxe sprayer of Desert Flower Extrait for one lucky reader in the USA. The draw is for registered readers only, so be sure to register if you have not done so. To be eligible please let us know what you enjoyed about Aroma M Desert Flower based on Robert’s review  and your favorite Aroma M perfume or if you have been to a desert. Draw closes 12/10/2018

We announce the winners only on site and on our Facebook page, so Like ÇaFleureBon and use our Blog feed…or your dream prize will be just spilled perfume.


One thought on “Aroma M Perfume: Desert Flower for American Perfumer ~ New Perfume Review

  1. Hi Robert It sounds like a wonderful scent for me. Please put my name in the drawing. Where can I purchase this perfume? Thanks for the info. I would love a new scent as I fly off to the Bahamas on Dec. 30. Coming back sometime in May! Or…. maybe never! Happy Chanukah 🕎 Fondly, Karen Bistrin. Let me know where this can be purchased or at least try a sample??

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