New Years Eve 2018…..

To all who follow my blog a very Happy New Year. May 2019 be prosperous, joyous, and peaceful… here’s my last column of 2018 for


Donna Reed Publicity Photo

Of all the holidays throughout the year, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day are the ones that resonate with me the most. Although not religious by nature, I am spiritual and the end of the year feels like the chance to memory-drift though the year that’s ending and reflect on the future paths that reveal themselves. On New Year’s Eve I can palpably feel the wheel of time turning, and look forward to waking and walking onto a fresh slate with so much possibility ahead. Since scent is such an important factor in my life (and yours as well I suspect), I like to break out and try scents that may have been overlooked, but are ultimately eminently enjoyable. Although released in 2018 and 1998,  here are three Designer Perfumes for 2019 your consideration:

Via One of three Designer Perfumes for 2019

Christian Dior Dioramour (Francois Demachy/ 2018) is one of the three designer perfumes for 2019 that I recommend. Released last spring as part of a whopping 25 perfume roll-out, Dioramour kind of got lost in the shuffle, and that’s a shame as it’s a beautiful tribute to iris and powder done in a classic Dior style. Although only three notes are listed in the composition, Dior’s Dioramour feels much more complex with multiple subtle floral notes that add up to a garden full of blossoms. Notes: Powder, iris, jasmine.


Lancôme Iris Dragées (Nathalie Lorson/2018) Another Iris worth noting is the latest offering from Lancôme for their upscale “niche” range called Grand Crus. If you are a fan of Designer Perfumes like Dior Poison Girl or another gourmand of that ilk, then you are already familiar with Lancôme’s Iris Dragées, but for one enormous difference; Lancôme Iris Dragées is a fully realized perfume for adults that eschews the caramel & candy floss feeling for a well blended and luscious scent that feels like a bespoke tux rather than prêt-à-porter. Very grown up and luxe and a great designer perfume for 2019. Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper, freesia, orange blossom, almond, sugar,  iris flower, iso e super, orris, vanilla, white musk.


Guerlain Guerlainade (Jacques Guerlain/1998): Originally created in 1924 (not 1921 as is often stated), and recreated in 1998, Guerlain’s Guerlainade is exactly what you’d expect given the name: the best of everything you love about a classic Guerlain drydown, but with an extra added shot of lilac. The wonderful thing about Guerlainade is that it works extremely well when layered with other sympathetic perfumes by Guerlain; blending olfactively to create a power blast that ramps up the original scent by X 1000. I layered it with Iris Ganache 2018, and the effect was nothing short of spectacular. Suddenly the perfume was transformed into IRIS GANACHE (all caps!) a scented force to be reckoned with. Although discontinued, Guerlain’s Guerlainade is still available on auction sites and in Facebook perfume sales groups. Expensive yes. But much less than many of the “ultra-luxury” perfumes on offer in retail stores. Notes: Bergamot, lilac, lime blossom (linden) blossom, rose, jasmine, orris, tonka bean, vanilla. One of my favorite Designer Perfumes for 2019.

Old Hollywood Stars Welcome in the New Year Collageby Despina© (Clockwise: ShirleyTemple, Cyd Charisse, Diana Dors, Vera-Ellen, Franciska Gaal and Janet Leigh)

I want to leave you with this poem by Mary McBride. It’s a favorite of mine, and fits perfectly within the holiday season.

“We are following a caravan of stars laden with wishes, crossing a shimmering wash of glittering land.

Fools have gone before us, bobbing and swaying like magi on camels,

Shepherds follow us with their gaze as if we are sheep. If there are angels, whatever they trumpet Is as lost to us as the sound of shadows on sand. We seek asylum,

Forgetting to be the asylum we seek. We seek promises to be kept

Forgetting that we have promises to keep to children, to the earth, to fellow travelers, and to strangers.

Whatever this complicated time of year may be—a time of hope or a time for revelry—

Let’s be more like the Light we say we admire, whose reach stretches over borders, whose shine falls on all. – Caravan of Stars by Mary McBride

Disclosure: The Three Designer Perfumes for 2019 and opinions are my own.

-Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Happy New Year from all of us at ÇafleureBon!

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