Carner Barcelona Sweet William edp ~ Swooning For Love!

Originally Published On  10 February 2019



“…But along came Bill, Who’s not the type at all,

You’d meet him on the street, And never notice him.

…And I can’t explain,It’s surely not his brain

That makes me thrill -I love him because he’s wonderful,

Because he’s just my Bill.” -From “Show Boat” by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein ll

Sara Carner of Carner Barcelona via @carnerbarcelona Instagram

I have a new love. A new obsession. His name is Bill, and he is indeed wonderful. When he lies against my skin it’s a deeply intense and beautiful thing. Sweet William (I call him Bill), Sara Carner of Carner Barcelona’s tribute to the carnation and languishing romantic young dandies, is a completely unforgettable and extraordinary kind of Bill…….perfume! 

Detail of Carnation Botanical Print

During times of gallantry lovelorn bachelors sat to have their portrait painted with a red carnation, a Sweet William, symbolizing their search for true love. Exotic spicy notes of cardamom and white pepper mix together like poetry with rose water, ylang ylang and iris notes, composing a long-lasting richness and essence of nobility. A scent that will charm and infatuate the soul.” -Carner Barcelona.  I’ve loved carnations since I was a child. Many folks might consider them a bit “outré”, but they’re probably remembering those supermarket bouquets in garish colors not appearing in nature.Those carnations are almost always devoid of scent and can’t hold a candle to the blooms fresh out of a florists cooler: a vase of those carnations will fill a house with their alluring sweet-clove sultriness. As a teenager my best friends’ mother always had bars of Blue Carnation soap in her bathrooms; that iconic and sadly discontinued Roger & Gallet fragrance. I have pined for it ever since it disappeared. Carner Barcelona Sweet William fills the void perfectly, and like those swooning men of days gone by clutching a carnation in remembrance of love, Sweet William asks me to rise up from the fainting couch, shake off my blues and rejoin the human race.

Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas and colorized by MC

From the very first spicy spray full of clove-redolent dianthus and galangal, Sweet William and I were fated to be more than friends. This is a perfume that just flat-out makes me happy, but in a lovely and satisfying melancholy way. The dianthus (carnation) is the star here, with a pepper/ cinnamon edge to add verve and galangal supplying pungent bitter & fresh citrus notes. I find a whiff of ylang and the sweet narcotic night blooming tobacco, but Carner Barcelona Sweet William is truly so much more than the sum of its parts, and is blended to perfection. The base is all smooth amber and styrax, and an unsweetened vanilla that warms and comforts, and creates an all-around beautiful perfume that has me sighing with delight.

Notes: White pepper, cardamom, Laotian cinnamon bark, galangal, water Dianthus superbus scentrek (a headspace derived carnation), ylang ylang from Comoros Islands, rose water extract, night blooming tobacco flower, Ambrarome, styrax, Florentine iris, vanilla absolute.

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Europerfumes. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann, Senior Editor

-Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Available at @twistedlily @osmeperfumery


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