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Originally published on  12 July, 2018


Beso Beach Perfumes and restaurants

Beso Beach Restaurants via Beso Beach & apped by Robert

Every lazy day at the beach begins and ends with a kiss; the first kiss of morning sunlight on sparkling cerulean water, the mid-day kiss of heat, sand, and idle conversation, and finally the evening kiss of laughter, assignation, and bronzed salty skin under the moon. Inspired by life on the beach, Beso Beach Perfumes is a new collaboration between Carner Barcelona and the Beso Beach Restaurants. Beso Beach restaurants are comprised of four world renowned eateries on four paradisiacal beaches (Ibiza & Formentera in the Balearics, Sitges a Catalonian beach town just southwest of Barcelona, and Tulum on the Riviera Maya), Beso Beach Perfumes perfectly capture the very essence and summery vibe of these beachside restaurants whose motto is “No Hay Verano Sin Beso” (There Is No Summer Without Beso), and are the very definition of “dolce far niente”: pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness.

Beso Beach Bendito perfume review

Bendito Beso (Blessed Kiss): Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp of Firmenich has created a fragrance that takes us to early morning on a beautiful sand beach on Ibiza’s little-sister island of Formentera. The sun is blindingly bright as early morning bathers take advantage of the less-crowded stretch of sand in front of the grass-roofed Beso Beach Restaurant. The scent of the sea, the slight iodine sand smell, the wild brush and the skin scent of bronzed and beautiful bodies fill the air. Nearer to the restaurant you catch a wisp of jasmine mixed with that particular driftwood-type smell of the wooden boardwalk that leads up into the shallow dunes. In the quiet of the morning the family/tribe of seasonal workers move in a finely choreographed dance of bare feet on sandy floors preparing the open-air restaurant for the inevitable crush of clients. This is Beso Beach, where the food is hyper-local and hyper-fresh, and the scent of different kinds of suntan oils mix with the island breeze. The aroma of world-class dining fills the air. Old friends greet new friends, while lovers sit and contemplate the perfection of the setting. The dress code is casual Neo-Hippie-Chic and bare feet are de rigueur. It is magical, spiritual, and unforgettable, like the island itself.

Notes: Hedione, neroli water, Sicilian bergamot, Cascalone, Tunisian orange flower absolute, Atlas, Paradisone, Atlas cedar wood, heliotrope, musk, fir-balsam

Beso beach Beso Canalla perfume review

Beso Canalla (The Scoundrels Kiss): In the hands of Master Perfumer Annick Menardo of Symrise, the Riviera Maya resort town of Tulum lends interpretation to a perfume that captures the essential vibe of a Beso Beach mid-day lazy lunch on a white sand beach. Surrounded by rustic pots full of lavender and wild orange, Beso Canalla skirts the edge of gourmandism by introducing a burnt sugar note that is flat-out scrumptious. Sandalwood, a touch of patchouli, and cistus bring to life the dense tropical forest that comes right to the edge of town. Beso Canalla is a long drawn out multi-course paen to the lush verdancy, the freshness of the crystalline sea and the azure sky above.

Notes: Lavender, Neroli Bigarade, Sicilian Bergamot, Saffron, heliotrope, roasted sugar, cistus, Indian Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli, amber infusion

Beso Beach Beso Canalla review

Beso Negro (The kiss of darkness): The darkest, most mysterious and carnal scent of the three is IFF Perfumer Christophe Raynaud’s realization of life after dark on the beach at Sitges just south of Barcelona. Nighttime in Sitges finds the stretch of sand fronting the town as busy as the daytime, but now given over to Lovers of all sexes and proclivities. The action on the beach becomes as frenetic as the crowded discos, restaurants and raves just a few blocks away. The scent of lust and love is in the air. The heady green notes violet leaf and cardamom bring Beso Negro to life with a perfumed skin-sweatiness, and with the ambrox, sandalwood, and with the musky salty leather note, the whetting of all appetites becomes prevalent. Patchouli takes over and suddenly the scent is sexual-heavy like the darkest night giving up its secrets on the sand. The perfume mellows as if anticipating the first glimpse of early morning light which finds slumbering bodies stirring on the sand, and couples bleary-eyed and sex-soaked leaving the all-night clubs as everyone heads home to sleep off the night.

Notes: Violet leaves, Guatemalan cardamom, green accord, violet, Orris concrete, Cypriol, Indonesian Patchouli, Virginia cedar wood, ambrox, Indian sandalwood, leather

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Beso Beach Perfumes for the samples. The opinions are my own.

Robert Herrmann

Photos courtesy of Beso Beach unless otherwise specified

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